By way of an update....

  Forum Editor 19:28 30 Sep 2014

Those of you who took part in this year's Norton test should shortly receive your free copy of the final version of the software.

  Aitchbee 17:12 06 Oct 2014

sunnystaines - I also made the [easily-made] mistake of attempting to peel back that blanking strip on the back of the Norton Card which arrived along with the accompanying letter from Symantec this morning. I fortunately soon realised that one is supposed to carefully scratch off the top layer of the strip with a coin etc, in order to reveal the 'product key located below'.

A big THANKS from me to Forum Editor and to Symantec.

  iscanut 18:16 06 Oct 2014

My strip crumbled as well and code number a mess. I emailed the contact shown and got a very quick response giving me a new code number. Has anyone activated it yet and if so, did the new version install over the current version or did the installation remove the old version ?

  sunnystaines 09:39 09 Oct 2014

I have downloaded and saved to a folder, but present NIS still has time left.

been reading the norton forums some readers have gone on norton live chat and outstanding days have been carried over to new licence others reported they could not do this, depends who you get on live chat.

The new NIS is classed by norton as a new product so you cannot update to the new version via liveupdate from your old NIS as before.

I am think I will wait till my present one expires before renewal.

  Ventad 19:55 10 Oct 2014

I had 28 days left on NIS downloaded new, which removed old and did not update days on new. looking on my account (Norton) showed 365 days on new and 28 days on old went on Chat and Operator said "can you confirm all you wish to do is change days from NIS" I said yes I confirm that and she said please wait and then said this has been done. I closed down PC opened PC and opened Norton and all days updated.

  QuizMan 10:22 11 Oct 2014

mobileman1953 me too. I wasn't expecting that.

  sunnystaines 11:26 11 Oct 2014

I contacted norton chat, they will take over 75% of remaining days to the new product. you have to install new version first then go on livechat [take note of old serial key and days left first].

they also said unistall old version first before installing new version.

  Ventad 12:34 11 Oct 2014


They definitely did not take 25% of the remaining days from me, I just looked and I have 390 days left and I did the exchange 3 days ago.

  sunnystaines 16:18 11 Oct 2014

ventad .............thanks i will wait and ask again in a week or two. I think it depends on who you get on livechat. I am not too worried as i had the ten licence email as well. so thats together worth two years.

does the final product differ much from the beta?

  iscanut 20:26 16 Oct 2014

Installed today. Old version was deleted and my remaining 10 days added on so have 375 days. No problems at all.

  iscanut 11:13 21 Oct 2014

Just had an email from someone else at Norton, giving me a new link and code number with a licence for up to 10 users ! Has a limited time to use it by though so cannot keep for a new PC that I may get next year. The original code emailed to me was not time limited !

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