Virgin Digital Helper - would you pay for it?

  Forum Editor 08:59 02 Jan 2010

Having tested the Virgin Digital Helper Service, what's your verdict - would you use it, either in its free form, or the subscription version?

Put aside your personal situation, and try to imagine you are a relative newcomer to computing, do you think you might pay for such a service under those circumstances?

Is there one overriding thing apart from the cost that would prevent you from subscribing?

Three questions, requiring three separate answers if you could, please. Feel free to make any other comments about the service while you're about it.

  Forum Editor 13:20 03 Jan 2010

of partnering an AV application with the subscription service. It might help the perception of value for money, and it would certainly simplify problem solving if all subscribers were using a common anti-virus application.

  Forum Editor 18:49 14 Jan 2010

By way of clarification.....

Virgin has notified me that you get the full version of AVG - not the free version.

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