Virgin Digital Helper - welcome to the beta test

  Forum Editor 17:41 16 Dec 2009

Those of you who are registered for our latest beta testing session should by now have received two emails from Virgin, so you know who the mystery company is! If you haven't yet received emails don't worry, it will happen within 24 hours.

The emails are automatically generated by Virgin's server, and you may ignore the one that mentions a receipt. The other message will contain information that will enable you to download and register yourself on the server (you should enter your email address, plus the registration code that will be in the email).

Once you have downloaded and installed the software please post in this thread to confirm, and let us know if you had any problems with the download and/or installation/registration.

Please do NOT post any other comments, or start any new threads - as soon as we have everyone with a successful download and installation I'll start further threads in which there will be a series of questions for you to respond to.

We're delighted to be able to work with Virgin in this way on what promises to be an interesting test experience. The company will closely monitor your comments, and changes may be made as a direct result of what you have to say.

Please contact me directly via email if you have any specific questions that aren't answered by what I've said here.

  Forum Editor 18:04 16 Dec 2009

if the download location will be contained in the email you receive. In case it's not, click here

  Mark5001 07:14 17 Dec 2009

The programme will not download and install.

Error box indicates:
"The operating system is not adequate for running Desktop Digital Helper"

Windows 7 Ultimate.

  bjh 07:17 17 Dec 2009

Link in email (Welcome one) worked fine. Install (Custom offers no more options than simple install) went ahead quickly; 11 megabytes or thereabouts.

Used supplied log-in and it is up and running in the usual rather violent Virgin red!

  bjh 07:20 17 Dec 2009

Should have added... XP here....

  jjss 07:31 17 Dec 2009

The program downloaded okay and I was able to save the program to my chosen location with no problems.

I, like Mark5001, got the error box:
"The operating system is not adequate for running Desktop Digital Helper".

I tried to let my O/S pick its own compatability mode. I got the same error box.

I'm running a year old Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop with a 1.8 ghz cpu, 2gb RAM with Win 7 Professional.

  mobileman1953 07:53 17 Dec 2009

installed no problem on vista 32 bit , cant see any log out box

  bjh 08:06 17 Dec 2009

{Sorry this is a bit off-topic for the thread... whisper, whisper ...
I've just received an email "We're writing to tell you we've now cancelled your subscription to Virgin Digital Help"... I assume this is intended as part of the Beta test... but just thought F.E. ought to know, in case this is a developing glitch}

  Sapins 08:08 17 Dec 2009

No problems on XP Home SP3.

  Mark5001 08:12 17 Dec 2009

Hi PC Advisor Beta Tester,

We're writing to tell you we've now cancelled your subscription to Virgin Digital Help.

Your cancelled subscription: Desktop Digital Helper (monthly subscription).

The service will stop from December 2010, but you can continue to use the service right up to that date. (It might not have stopped immediately because of a minimum contract and/or a notice period - see the website for more details).

We're sorry to see you go, but we hope you found us useful. And remember, we're always here if you need any digital help.

Thank you,

The Virgin Digital Help Team.

  Chris the Ancient 08:28 17 Dec 2009

Same as Mark 5001.

Saw two emails (welcome and download) in Mailwasher. Cleared them into Mail Program in OUtlook and by the time I opened Outlook, the third one (the same as Mark 5001) cancelling the subscription). This seemed to occur about 15 seconds before Outlook opened!.


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