Virgin Digital Helper - welcome to the beta test

  Forum Editor 17:41 16 Dec 2009

Those of you who are registered for our latest beta testing session should by now have received two emails from Virgin, so you know who the mystery company is! If you haven't yet received emails don't worry, it will happen within 24 hours.

The emails are automatically generated by Virgin's server, and you may ignore the one that mentions a receipt. The other message will contain information that will enable you to download and register yourself on the server (you should enter your email address, plus the registration code that will be in the email).

Once you have downloaded and installed the software please post in this thread to confirm, and let us know if you had any problems with the download and/or installation/registration.

Please do NOT post any other comments, or start any new threads - as soon as we have everyone with a successful download and installation I'll start further threads in which there will be a series of questions for you to respond to.

We're delighted to be able to work with Virgin in this way on what promises to be an interesting test experience. The company will closely monitor your comments, and changes may be made as a direct result of what you have to say.

Please contact me directly via email if you have any specific questions that aren't answered by what I've said here.

  Forum Editor 18:04 16 Dec 2009

if the download location will be contained in the email you receive. In case it's not, click here

  Sapins 08:08 17 Dec 2009

No problems on XP Home SP3.

  Rigga 08:47 17 Dec 2009

Got the 2 emails.

Downloaded and installed no problems.
XP Professional x86.


  Rigga 08:53 17 Dec 2009

Now got the 3rd Cancellation email. Same as the others above.


  Forum Editor 09:01 17 Dec 2009

and their site will undoubtedly change to reflect changes as they're made. The cancellation email is obviously an automated server response, and is being wrongly triggered for some reason. each of you has a free subscription account, so you have no need to worry.

  anskyber 09:44 17 Dec 2009

Three emails. Thank you for registering, thank you fot the purchase and sorry to see you go.

Will not load onto W7 Home Premium, ""The operating system is not adequate for running Desktop Digital Helper"

  bluesbrother 09:48 17 Dec 2009

Logged on to web site using Firefox 3.5.5

On 'Our Services' page the links under 'Also in this section' do not work.

On the 'Answers' page, the 'Highest Rated Items' links do not work nor do the 'Browse & Filter' links. The 'Featured Articles' links do work.

On the 'My Account' page none of the links work.

On trying to install Desktop Helper I get the error message
'The operating system is not adequate for running Desktop Digital Helper'.
I'm running 64bit Windows 7. No sign of any system requirements on the web site.

  anskyber 10:00 17 Dec 2009

Tried again. This time attempted to run the program in compatibility mode as firstly as Vista SP2 then XP SP3 both ending with the orriginal error message. Stumped now.

  anskyber 10:01 17 Dec 2009

The W7 version I run is Home Premium 32bit.

  Condom 10:18 17 Dec 2009

I woke up to 3 e-mails this morning. Welcome to Virgin Digital Help 05.37, Your Purchase 06.57, and before I could do anything, your account now closed 08.55.

I then went to PCA site and downloaded program from FE's link and downloaded 11.2 MB in 30 secs which is pretty good for my Virgin phone line connection but like others that is as far as I've been able to go. My system is not adequate despite having a new PC running Win 7 Home Premium 32 bit. From other posts it looks like a Win 7 problem for Virgin.

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