Virgin digital helper - likes and dislikes

  Forum Editor 22:55 21 Dec 2009

Now that you've had a chance to use the service, did it meet your expectations, or are there features you would like to see added?

  cream. 23:48 21 Dec 2009

I thought the service was quite basic. Fine for a novice but a moderately experienced user would have covered most bases.

I was surprised that it did not include a basic AV, malware scan just to give the user confidence that the system is reasonably clean.

  mobileman1953 08:57 22 Dec 2009

did not like the virus squish telling me i had no antivirus or firewall even though i do, also should not try to push you into avg software

  bjh 12:01 22 Dec 2009

It's not really much better in the stand-alone form than any number of freebie Windows Optimisers - and many of them look more polished, perform more tasks, and explain themselves better. Ashampoo do a couple, and others are often featured on PCA disks (or have been in the past). I suppose I'd have to admit to disappointment - even accepting it is in beta form.

However, Virgin is a huge Company, and can develop - and then deliver - a product like this very easily. It would be a boon to novice users, and can optimise their computers for Virgin broadband (cable or phone line), thus saving on customer service manpower.

The on-line access to a human advisor... now, this could be good. I had two goes, and both were dealt with competently, maybe slightly simplistically, but with even a week or two experience, this could be a real service. Even I ( a self-deemed "semi-expert" get stuck ever so occasionally (ha! every bloody week, in some form!), and somebody to talk to (the Forum does for me, but...) or even someone to "take over" might be an excellent service.

I wished the last beta-makers (IMP) all the best, but I couldn't see a ready market for that when it was finished. I can for this, so long as the basic product becomes more polished and does more.

If I were developing this, I would spend some time looking at the competitor stand-alone products, and I'd fiddle with the Virgin one until I'd nicked the best bits from the others.

As a "work in progress", I'd say a fair way to go, but with an obviously valuable end product. With the Virgin name (and resources), I suspect it will be a successful product in the end.

(I'll add a product wish-list later; I'd like to install a couple of Ashampoo-like programs on an old computer to see what I think they have that this does not).

  jjss 15:44 22 Dec 2009

I feel Virgin fell at the first fence on a major point. It excludes Windows 7.

I've had to seat on the side lines, (like many others with this beta because my O/S is Windows 7), and observe what others have had to say.

Considering that Win 7 has been about now for a year in its various forms, and that the sort of market that this sort of service is likely aimed at, those with beginner type knowledge, or those with their new Desktop/Laptop which is more than likely to have Win 7 as its O/S, I feel that this is a big dislike.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant, I'll get my chair and go back and sit in the cormer again.


  mark2 18:30 22 Dec 2009

I'd like an "Undo" feature as well a short explanation of what the fixes are changing would be handy even if it's a web link, even some novices like to see what changes are being made.

  bjh 09:13 23 Dec 2009

I was told by my online helper "Jordan" (O_O) that it does back up the registry prior to making all those (undescribed) changes, and that a restore is possible... but how one set about making a restore foxed them.

jjss - yes, I gave up installing it on a Win 7 machine, and I should have given more criticism for the non-support... new machines come supplied with 7, and non-support seems ridiculous.

I popped back to this thread to see what other likes & dislikes people had... does the shortage of responses indicate many have just given up on it, or are they all having more fun with family? Hope the latter!

  babybell 12:15 23 Dec 2009

Undo feature and hover overs stating what all the options mean. Might work well for a computer novice, but then it would still need some explaining as you dont always know whats going on when using the programme.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:32 23 Dec 2009

Thought it is quite dangerous
the novice user will just click FIX without a thought

It switches on windows firewall even if there is another firewall running therefore causing conflicts

Thinks I have Norton 360 but I no longer that have running. (waiting for the v 4 removal tool)

Long waits to connect to a helper even when 2nd in queue

Speed up
says 4 fixes do 1 fix , rescan and still says 4 fixes. (so what did it fix the first time?)

Does not remove Firefox cache
(CCleaner is much better at cleaning the drives of junk)

Green PC does nothing (according to my power usage meter)

Certainly do not like the way it sits in system tray and my router light is flashing as info is uploading to somewhere until I exit.

The only thing I found good about it was the Wireless connection troubleshooter as it found every problem I could throw at it from missing drivers to wireless card switched off to firewall blocking connection.

  Forum Editor 18:01 23 Dec 2009

I'm inclined to agree with you about the Windows 7 incompatibility - it's a glaring omission, given that Windows 7 has enjoyed a high level of uptake. There are bound to be lots of people needing help with it.

Virgin is aware of the need, and no doubt there are people working on it as we write.

  Ford Prefect 01 19:48 23 Dec 2009

Like jjss I have had to watch from the stands.

If there is an incomaptibilty with W7, why does the website say it is compatible.

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