Wrinkly70 11:45 12 Jan 2009

Forum Editor
The subscription runs out after 9 days.
I cannot find any problems with 360, so what happens if I want to continue using it after 9 days.

  babybell 12:03 12 Jan 2009

Well I certainly wouldn't pay for the full version, being that everyone taking part in this beta testing gets the fully released version for free, I would just wait and maybe switch back to your old AV for the time being.

  sunnystaines 15:11 12 Jan 2009

how many testers did pca get, of those how many would run the 360v3 final version instead of their regular one.

I would.

  tullie 15:19 12 Jan 2009

I would,but not for 50 squid

  babybell 15:32 12 Jan 2009

I'll definately use the full version, it's been working like a dream for me.

Are we getting any more testing tasks? It seems to have gone all quiet since the FE removed his version! Hope he isn't sulking ;o)

  mamsboy 15:49 12 Jan 2009

I also would use the full version, as long as the price was competitive.
All in all good software

  wolfie3000 16:19 12 Jan 2009

"I cannot find any problems with 360"

Im the same, i cant find any problems, its run like a dream.

Its almost to good, i don't even notice its installed half the time, no nags, updates silently and integrates perfectly with every program.

I think Norton are onto a winner with this software.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:26 12 Jan 2009

All those of us on the beta test will get the full version, with a years updates, free for participating.

  Managing ed 16:28 12 Jan 2009

I'm thinking particularly in terms of usability and performance overhead: how do you think Norton 360 v3 compares to other brands of internet security software, or even previous Symantec products you've used?

Incidentally, I've got a call in about the nine days thing - you'll know as soon as I do.

Matt Egan
Managing Editor

  bjh 16:51 12 Jan 2009

I've got Kaspersky 2009 and McAfee 2008, both internet suite versions on other computers.

Norton is faster at scanning than either, uses less cpu than either, and from that point of view, it must be the better.

However, interface-wise, it lags behind in my opinion. Firstly, just on "looks" (which probably shouldn't matter, but do), Norton looks washed-out and old. Secondly on available information, I much prefer McAfee's main window, list of options on the left (Home, Update, Scan.... Firewall), with each of those giving a main window of options on the right. Much easier to find settings and...

That leads on to the fact that I find Norton quite difficult to navigate straight to the option I might want, some being four or so clicks away... so there are probably some settings I should have changed/learned about that I have yet to find.

Overall, I think the mechanics of the program are probably great, but the interface is lacking in star quality.

  MCE2K5 17:53 12 Jan 2009

To extend your subscription from 14 days to 30 days,

On the Main Screen, click My Account

Click Renew Subscription

Check RENEW NOW and click NEXT

click button to renew

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