Specific 360 problems

  Forum Editor 19:01 08 Jan 2009

Now that we've all had a chance to let Norton 360 settle into its stride it would be good to hear about any specific problems that have occurred.

In my case I had a clear run until I switched on my test machine this afternoon. Norton 360 threw a wobbly, and decided it wanted to fire up 'One-click support' and send an error report back to base. It asked me for permission to do this, and I agreed. Then followed a process of collecting and transmitting data about my machine, after which 360 told me it was 'attempting a fix'.

I carried on working whilst all this went on, and after about ten minutes I was told that the fix had failed, and I was advised to 'try again later'. I have continued working, and all seems fine - at no time was the computer slowed by all the goings on, and Norton tells me 'You are protected'.

What about you - have you had a similar experience, or has Norton 360 done something else unexpectedly? Please don't post here if all is humming along nicely - we want to hear about problems in this thread.

  tullie 19:24 08 Jan 2009

Initial small problem with install,since then very impressive.

  justme 19:37 08 Jan 2009

Today my computer again threw a tantrum on starting up.

It seems to be if I start the internet before Norton has loaded, but I am unable to reproduce this fault. Once Norton is loaded the internet starts ok with no further problems.

  Forum Editor 19:41 08 Jan 2009

What kind of a tantrum - what happened?

  robgf 19:47 08 Jan 2009

I have a problem with the computer slowly growing less responsive. After half an hour it starts to pause a little with every action, after an hour the delay is sufficient to require me to restart the computer.

The CPU usage meter doesn't show anything unusual, with either the CPU, or ram, so no idea why it's happening. Perhaps the amount of ram in my computer is too low (384MB).

  Totally-braindead 19:54 08 Jan 2009

Not a problem exactly, well I'm not sure to be honest.
One of the things I like about AVG is that you can see it working in the taskbar as it scans emails and once the email is checked and downloaded it states at the bottom of the email that AVG has checked this email together with the build and the time.
Norton doesn't appear to do this and I cannot help wondering if its even scanning my emails at all.
Any idea how to check this as email is the most likely way to get a virus as far as I am concerned and I don't know if its working. I mean it says its protected and thats its working ok but is it? Can I check somehow?
Not a fault either but it does seem to take slightly longer to boot up, only noticeable really as the desktop icons are missing when it first boots up and it takes maybe 20 seconds to load them all up. I assume thats something to do with Norton as it didn't do it before.

  I am Spartacus 19:57 08 Jan 2009

Sorry, I'm putting the comments in the wrong threads but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to participate. I hopefully will last to the end but having recently lost most of my sight in one eye and the other deteriorating almost daily I'm having urgent and regular consultations with eye specialists.

Norton appears to cause the setting to open tabs and windows from a previous session to be lost in Firefox. It opens up the next time with a blank tab. After experimenting with another system I found that I could get this setting to work properly only by uninstalling Norton (which uninstalls cleanly following a reboot), backing up my Firefox profile with Mozbackup, uninstalling Firefox completely, reinstall Firefox, reload profile from Mozbackup. This suggests that whatever it is that's causing the problem is not stored in the Firefox profile. I use the feature quite a bit and so far this is the only thing that would put me off Norton.

I put AVG Free back on the other system and it went on without problem indicating that the Norton uninstall works well.

I switched on the Anti Spam feature to integrate with Outlook 2003. When I allowed the option to add the AntiSpam toolbar it crashed Outlook. When restarted the toolbar is visible but clicking on the 'Train Norton AntiSpam' button crashes Outlook.

I initially reported that the buttons for 'This is not Spam' (whichever email I choose) and 'Empty Spam Folder' were greyed out. However this is logical as there have been no spam emails received.

  recap 20:04 08 Jan 2009

Not 100% sure if this is related to Norton or not.

On opening IE - just to use Hotmail as Google Chrome won't allow me to edit in there - I got the following error which I have not had before:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library
Run Time error!
Program C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\EXPLORE.EXE
Pure virtual function call"

On investigating in Event Viewer for the ID I found that it was related to not having SP2 installed, strange as I do. Am not in the process of installing SP3.

One other thing when shutting down, I get an end task message that is on the screen for about 2 seconds not long enough to read.

  recap 20:05 08 Jan 2009

That should read "Am now in the process of installing SP3"

  Zaphod 3 20:06 08 Jan 2009

The problem I mentioned last night about the fix button freezing my PC after a scan appears to have been sorted or sorted itself out. So far still impressed.

  Legolas 20:09 08 Jan 2009

Does anyone know what The Norton beta shows up as in the task manager?

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