SAGE INSTANT ACCOUNTS TEST - and finally.......

  Forum Editor 23:50 13 May 2010

It's time to draw the test period to a close. Now that you've had a good chance to use the software, and explore its facilities in more detail tell us what you think.

The software can be bought for under £100 - in your opinion is it value for money?

If you've never used a Sage product before did you find it easy to understand?

Any real niggles, or has Sage got it about right?

As promised, all of you will receive a free licence from Sage, but there's a procedure to go through - I'll email everyone with the details over the next few days.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to thank you for participating in the test. We think it went fairly well - there's certainly been some high-quality feedback for Sage to digest.

  Forum Editor 23:13 08 Jun 2010

You will shortly be hearing directly from Sage.

  Pine Man 08:27 09 Jun 2010

Many thanks.

  Pine Man 16:16 11 Jun 2010

It looks as if Sage have just used us for the testing then forgotten all about us. I am still waiting to hear from them but the silence has been deafening!

  Pine Man 11:02 12 Jun 2010

I am fed up with waiting so have emailed Sage Support direct.

I agree with mark2 et al. We shouldn't have to be jumping through hoops!!

  Pine Man 08:19 15 Jun 2010

'Well done Sage'.


Because they resolved your problem on the phone - which shouldn't have been necessary in the first place. Nor should my emails, or the emails from mark2 or newuser38 or woody etc etc

They certainly don't fill me full of confidence.

  Roger Evens 17:08 15 Jun 2010

Hopfully I have now been able to register mine by phone!
Keeping fingers crossed!

  Matt Egan 17:32 15 Jun 2010

Do drop me a line if not. Also, let me know if I've missed anything, or got anything wrong here:

click here

  sunnystaines 19:21 19 Jun 2010

If given the choice would have preferred a boxed cd rather than the download and key.

Reason i have reverted back to my excel accounts but if i need to use the sage in the near future not keen on going through all the hassle that other testers have had to get registered.

by the way any other betas in the pipline?

  Forum Editor 11:55 20 Jun 2010

We have some irons in the fire, but nothing arranged at the moment.

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