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SAGE INSTANT ACCOUNTS TEST - and finally.......

  Forum Editor 23:50 13 May 2010

It's time to draw the test period to a close. Now that you've had a good chance to use the software, and explore its facilities in more detail tell us what you think.

The software can be bought for under £100 - in your opinion is it value for money?

If you've never used a Sage product before did you find it easy to understand?

Any real niggles, or has Sage got it about right?

As promised, all of you will receive a free licence from Sage, but there's a procedure to go through - I'll email everyone with the details over the next few days.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to thank you for participating in the test. We think it went fairly well - there's certainly been some high-quality feedback for Sage to digest.

  Pine Man 08:09 14 May 2010

Value for money - at about £100 definitely. It would certainly help my business.

I have never used any business software before, let alone Sage. I found it very intuitive and soon found my way around it. What I couldn't work out was resolved by the help files.

The only real niggle was quotations. The fact that to provide a quote for products and services, ie supply & fit, you needed two quotations, one for parts and one for labour.

Excellent piece of kit.

  Pine Man 08:10 14 May 2010

One thing I forgot was the uninstall, which still left my PC littered with files.

  Roger Evens 08:24 14 May 2010

Good value at £100. I've never used business software before but found it fairly straight forward to use for my purposes.

  ton 09:52 14 May 2010

I'd never used business software before but managed to find my way round it quite easily.

For a small business at about £100, I would say yes it is good value for money.

  Cara2 10:37 14 May 2010

Pine Man,

I am trying to get my head around why you need two separate quotations.

One way around it might be to use a Service quotation and list the products.

For instance as a garage we list a discription and cost for labour. We then detail parts.

I know it is probably not as ideal as using a product invoice, but for a quote maybe a compromise? Just a suggestion, as there may be
many reasons why it does not suit your set-up.

  Proclaimer 11:41 14 May 2010

I think this Software is good. At under £100.00 I will let my Brother know, he has just started a business after being made redundant and he knows nothing about accounts. I think this package will suit him for his first venture into working from home.

Can't say more than that, they get a sale from my testing.

Ok, I can say more...
The designer tool is the only part I had issues with, finding it in the first place was not so easy. And perhaps my being used to 'integrated with MS Office' for so long now I just was not ready for working outside of MS Word. Perhaps new users will find it rather easy.

The report tool can get you in a muddle so I appreciate the extensive context sensitive help built in.

I also liked the option to set a value in the bank balance that was a positive number but shows Red. My short term memory escapes me, but it effectively said that you were low on funds even with say £500.00 in the bank and would then show you in the red until you go back over the limit you set. That is quite handy when you deal with small accounts.

Overall I was pleased with this software and I will port my business over to it (from MS Accounts 2009) when I get my key.

Thanks for the opportunity to test and provide feedback.

  Pine Man 13:00 14 May 2010

I may have this completely wrong but here goes.

I purchase a stock item and it is located in my warehouse. I get a request for a quote to supply and fit that item so I open a 'product' quotation, which links to my stock and can insert the item in my quote. There is no provision within that form for a labour charge so I did what you said and opened a 'service' quotation and followed it through by inserting an hourly rate labour charge AND THEN typed in the item and cost, which I wouldn't have to do with a 'product' quotation as it links to my warehouse stock.

I hope that makes sense. In addition don't forget that you 'convert' your quotes to invoices and I'm not sure how that would actually work out.

In my opinion this is not deal-breaker as far as Sage goes but a 'general' invoice with the ability to, properly, insert goods and labour in the same form would be an improvement.

Maybe we'll get some feedback from Sage?

  Cara2 13:27 14 May 2010

Can see where you are coming from - and agree, that particular aspect is not ideal.

I have used Sage for many years and think it has come on leaps and bounds. I often recall accounting accounting manually and could never go back to it!

The avenues of help are also good -

"With Sage Instant Accounts you will now receive SageCover Online Support, with email support, access to the Ask Sage database and Health & Safety advice (available on first purchase and upgrades from v12 or below)".

  Pine Man 14:39 14 May 2010

Thanks. Looking forward to starting for real:-))

  Pine Man 18:44 14 May 2010

Out of interest I have just uninstalled Sage - again.

I then reinstalled it and it immediately asked for my password and returned me to EXACTLY the same position that I was in prior to uninstalling.

I had uninstalled it via control panel and then deleted all of the folders I could find on my 'C' drive.

What is concerning is that, on the basis that I start to use Sage in earnest rather than creating a dummy company for testing purposes, how on earth am I going to set it up for a new, genuine, company on the same computer?

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