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SAGE INSTANT ACCOUNTS - initial reactions

  Forum Editor 07:26 01 May 2010

Now that you have installed the software it's time to start using it. Over the next few days please experiment. Explore the software's functions and features, and find out how intuitive it is - do you find your way around fairly easily, or are there things which baffle you?

  Pine Man 08:46 01 May 2010

The uninstall facility leaves loads of files littered all over the place and takes some time to find and remove them. A very poor facility.

Most of the program seems fairly intuitive and I tried to create a quotation, which included both products and services and was only able to do it on separate quotations, one for the labour involved and the other for the parts used.

Couldn't find a way of importing bank information from other programs such as excel or MS Money.

  Proclaimer 09:43 01 May 2010

INSTALL- No Problems, that always impresses me.

SETUP; Using the 'Setup Bank Account Wizard' I was asked for a ref number for the account. The wizard enters the next default number, it was 1251. I thought 'the wizard knows what it is doing, leave it like that'.

I Click on 'Next' and get this pop up message; 'The Bank Code is outside the range of the chart accounts, therefore its balance will not be reflected in your balance sheet reports. Either choose a different bank code or ensure you update the chart of accounts layout'.

That does not sound good and I am not sure what or where the 'accounts layout' is so I choose 'Help' and read about 'ref' numbers and it says 'We recommend you use a number within the range 1200 to 1299 as Sage Instant Accounts uses this range for the default bank accounts have already been set up.' (sic)

I select 1200 and Sage tells me that exists and suggests 1201. I accept that and so does Sage. I wonder why 1251 which is within range was giving a pop up warning. One that is not very clear either and why Sage was giving 1251 as the default when 1201 was available and I wonder what it all really means in the grand scheme of things.

The next step is setting the Account Type, the options are Cheque, Cash or Credit Card Account. I am not sure which I want being a sole trader, I select 'Help'. That helps a bit and confuses me too by changing the words used to bank and visa. It says 'A bank account can be a cheque account, cash account or a credit card account. The bank types generate different transactions types. For example, payments can be bank payment (BP), cash payment (CP) or visa payment (VP).' I just choose cash and be done with it.

On the 'Bank Information Screen' there is an option to enter a credit card expiry date If this account is for your company credit card. The account I chose is not (it is cash) but Sage insist that I enter a date in order to continue. I enter a valid date and continue.

That took the best part of 40 minutes to setup. Whilst not being too frustrating I would think first time users would reaching for a spreadsheet to keep it simple.

IMPORT; Importing Products from a spreadsheet was easy enough. Got an error for product description being too long at first so I just omitted that data and the import went well for over 250 products.

Overall my first impression is 'Good' no big hassle setting it up or getting my products listed in the Accounts Package. I could be up and running live with this in just one day if I wanted to.

  Proclaimer 10:29 01 May 2010

Try <File> <Import> Select Next from the Popup and then Nominal Accounts will allow you to pull in a CSV or xls. That might help you.

  Pine Man 10:50 01 May 2010

I actually converted a Money file into excel and then tried to import it but I didn't seem to get any indication about where I was importing it to. ie into the bank account. I went ahead anyway and never did find the data!

  Pine Man 16:55 01 May 2010

If I go to tools/options I get the Options window open with six tabbed headings - and two boxes at the bottom - OK and Cancel.

If I open any of the weblinks they open in a 'browser' with a slider bar on the right enabling me to scroll from top to bottom of the page.
The Welcome page does, however, refer to v14.

Generally - I was surprised that I had to go and look for the password set up rather than being offered it at startup and even more surprised that it didn't work with either 'demo' or 'practice'. Both need their own logon and password - strange!

  ajm 19:50 01 May 2010

Opening the Practice Data shows errors when logging in. After entering the logon details error message says "user MANAGER is already logged in on machine HPWIN7_10904" and closes.

Opening the Demonstration Data sems to be working fine.

I will soon be entering my own business acccounts in Sage alongside to what I am currently using MS Accounting Pro

  Pine Man 14:22 02 May 2010

Following an attack by a virus (nothing to do with sage) I have had to restore my PC with Acronis :-(

Prior to this I had carried out a back up of Sage onto a USB stick and the restore process went very smoothly and worked perfectly. The default option for back ups is data only but, luckily, I had ticked all of the boxes and it is back exactly as it was prior to attack :-))

  sunnystaines 15:22 02 May 2010

tried a couple of non vat exercises all went ok, taking a while to adjust to it after using excel for a long time.

  sunnystaines 17:56 02 May 2010

when you have excel set up just perfect, its very strange adjusting to sage, a very big learning curve i'm finding.

  Pine Man 19:37 02 May 2010

I have my customers and suppliers. I have my bank accounts and I have prepared quotes, converted them to invoices and taken payments from customers for them BUT I can't get my head around products!

I can add products to the list and in doing so indicate who the supplier is/was, what they cost me and what I am selling them for but when I check my company the cost does not appear in goods purchased or show against the supplier that, I believe, supplied them. Should I be 'purchasing' them in some particular way so that I can, ultimately, pay for them?

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