SAGE INSTANT ACCOUNTS - anything missing?

  Forum Editor 18:28 04 May 2010

By now you should have become more familiar with this software, and you should have had time to discover whether it covers all the bases - is there anything which in your opinion is missing, or anything that could be usefully added?

  Pine Man 17:40 09 May 2010

I was suggesting that you might want to have a copy of the Sage download file burnt to a DVD and you asked 'Where do I find the file?', hence my response and directions to the site where you can download it from if you have not already got it somewhere else.

Having downloaded the file to your desktop, for example, open Windows Explorer, locate the file and highlight it. Then select 'burn' and follow the instructions. Et Voila! you have a DVD containing the software for Sage Instant Accounts safe for reinstall in the event you have to reformat your computer.

  Cara2 17:57 09 May 2010

Aaah, think I get that.

Will have a go.


  ajm 19:35 12 May 2010

I am getting an access denied error. "User MANAGER is already logged on machine HPWIN7_10904"

Sage is installed on one machine only running Windows 7 Pro

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