Partition wizard - features to be explored

  Forum Editor 15:45 21 Jan 2016

Now that you have installed Partition Wizard, it's time to explore some of its features.

One of these is the ability to run the Windows chkdsk.exe without the usual palaver of opening a command line window. Could you please find and run this feature, and report on how easy you found it?

  Aitchbee 15:28 23 Jan 2016

Never try ANTHING without a full backup.

I ran another Surface Test on a Toshiba (W7 Ultimate) laptop's 156GB HD [C: drive] which I already knew had "read errors" following several full backup attempts using Ocster Backup Pro.

Anyway, the Surface Test rattled along nicely for about an hour with the occasional error found - indicated by a red square, then the test slowed down considerably when it had to deal with a batch of about 15 errors, so that after 9 hours on-the-clock the program under test became unresponsive and the laptop went into hibernation mode. It would be nice if these errors could be fixed. Perhaps the paid for bootable disc version of Partition Wizard might be capable of this!

  Forum Editor 15:37 24 Jan 2016

Thank you for all this feedback. I'm going to open a third and final thread now.

  TAFKAF 09:25 27 Jan 2016

Good features that you would expect with this level of software and easy to use. No real gripes with it at all.

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