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Norton test July 2014 - Second thread - any incompatibilities?

  Forum Editor 22:12 15 Jul 2014

Now that you have the beta software running on your computer, please comment on its stability and compatibility - are there any issues with your operating system (please state which one) or with any of your software applications?

  QuizMan 22:25 15 Jul 2014

Windows 7 64-bit desktop PC. No major incompatability issues, but I do get problems with the availability of the Norton Toolbar on web browsers. It is no problem in Firefox which I now use as my default. Within Chrome I received a message upon installing NIS that it needed to update Chrome (which it did), but there was no sign of the toolbar. Eventually I rectified the problem by uninstalling and re-installing Chrome. The toolbar has never worked in recent versions of Internet Explorer (and still doesn't), so I have not bothered with that.

With regard to stability, my only comment is that internet pages seem a little slower to load. Nothing major and I have no specific timings - it just seems slower to the naked eye.

Generally however, everything seems hunky dory.

Other than the above, everything is hunky dory.

  carver 22:35 15 Jul 2014

Hi, running Windows 7 64 bit with 8 GB of ram I'm not sure if there are any compatibility issues but I have noticed that IE takes longer to open and trying to access e-mails also takes longer.

It's only maybe a second or two but it's definitely since downloading and running this Beta version of Norton, another problem is that it keeps warning me that it has a "fire wall alert that internet Explorer is attempting to access the internet".

One other thing every time I boot the PC up I get a warning that "Norton blocked an attack by Portscan 2", after fist couple of warnings it's getting a bit annoying.

But (cross fingers) no serous problems this far and every thing seem to be OK.

  keverne 22:46 15 Jul 2014

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

I'm also seeing a slow down in IE opening internet pages but apart from that I've had no problems at all.

In fact I'm sure the netbook boots up faster now than it did before with MS Security Essentials.

  sunnystaines 04:05 16 Jul 2014

seems to be running ok, chrome had a couple of frezes not sure if related to norton the toolbar does not show in chrome. Very pleased so far.

  carver 08:45 16 Jul 2014

Don't know if this comes under this heading but getting warnings by Norton of "High CPU usage by Norton Security" it's using 95% of at least one of the cores.

Also unable to get Norton Toolbar to show in Chrome.

  Aitchbee 17:02 16 Jul 2014

One of the software applications that I use on the 3 XP Home computers, on which Norton is installed for this Beta Test is called Fix-IT Utilities 2000 by Ontrack.

The RegistryFixer [part of that program] 'flags up' several Norton files along with a host of other registry errors [after a scan of the registry] that appear to be 'invalid' and can be either deleted or disabled. This is what I normally do. To cut a long story short, Norton doesn't work anymore after this 'fix' :o[

Happily, by using the GET SUPPORT menu option, all of the deleted or disabled files are reinstated by Norton [via their website] and everything is back to normal once again :o)

  Aitchbee 22:29 16 Jul 2014

Here's another funny thing that I have noticed on all 3 of my XP test computers with Norton Beta newly-installed on them [ but not on my other 2 'Norton-free' XP computers:-

With regard to CCleaner - a very useful utility that's on all of my computers - about a dozen programs [in total] have had their 'installation dates' changed to 16-7-2014, but I know [for a fact] that all of these programs were installed months or even years ago.

When I double-check these dates with REVO - everything is as it should be.

I conclude that this Beta version of Norton is overwriting CCleaner's installation dates ... which is not very good :o[

  QuizMan 09:31 17 Jul 2014

Further to my earlier post, things are definitely slower with this beta release. I find that auto completion of user names and passwords with Identity Safe take much longer. My PC seems to "hang" for a few seconds before the data is inputted. I have just timed one I use regularly at 7 seconds. Other sites are similar.

  sunnystaines 14:10 17 Jul 2014

getting problems with chrome latest version it freezes up and has a problem with norton vault which i have to disable for chrome to work.

  iscanut 20:42 17 Jul 2014

No incompatibilities so far but Firefox seems slower and boot up time seems slower. Using Win 7 SP1 Home Premium and latest version of Firefox.I cannot get into Vault although I am sure I am using correct password. Cannot see how to set up a new password.

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