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Norton test July 2013 - thread number 3

  Forum Editor 22:30 28 Jul 2013

Now that you have had a chance to use the software for a while, what - if anything - would you like to see changed/added/omitted from the final release version?

  Pine Man 18:52 08 Oct 2013

Maybe the FE can chase things up for us.

  Forum Editor 19:10 08 Oct 2013

He will.

  iscanut 15:26 22 Oct 2013

No news here.

  sunnystaines 19:48 22 Oct 2013

no news here, a recent update to the final version seems to have corrected all the probs with the vault. I presume now its working well the cd version will beout soon.

  Forum Editor 18:37 25 Oct 2013

All of your names and addresses have been passed to Norton. I'll try to find out what is happening.

  QuizMan 09:40 30 Oct 2013

Mine has arrived with the post this morning. It was both NIS & 360, 3 licence versions. I was only expecting the former as that was the one I tested, but welcome nevertheless.

  QuizMan 09:43 30 Oct 2013

Forgot to mention, that I shall be interested to see how they implemented Identity Safe in the final release because I was not alone in thinking it was fundamentally flawed in beta.

  Aitchbee 10:07 30 Oct 2013

Just received NIS 2014 & N360 2014. Many thanks FE and The Symantec Team.

  Pine Man 10:08 30 Oct 2013

Mine has arrived as well.

Thanks FE.

  carver 11:53 30 Oct 2013

Just received both copies this morning very impressed that they are both for 3 pc's, only expected the one copy.

Thank you to both F.E and Symantec.

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