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Norton test July 2013 - thread number 3

  Forum Editor 22:30 28 Jul 2013

Now that you have had a chance to use the software for a while, what - if anything - would you like to see changed/added/omitted from the final release version?

  Pine Man 09:25 29 Jul 2013

Norton Internet Security

Everything seems fine to me just as it is apart from one thing.

It seemed strange, considering the pressures to safeguard children, that Parental Control seemed to be missing. On the previous issue of NIS there was an indicator in the Control Centre to show whether or not the parental controls were set. This is NOT the case with the beta version where there is no indication whatsoever within the Control Centre that it even exists as far as I could see. It wasn't straightforward finding out that it would appear that you have to go online to your account to set up this facility. A backward step maybe?

  QuizMan 09:39 29 Jul 2013

My only cause for concern is Identity Safe (IS) aka the Vault. So let's start with the naming convention. Is it Identity Safe or is it The Vault? Norton uses both and they seem to be interchangeable. One or the other please.

I had real problems importing my vault saved data file into IS. Unusually for Norton, it did not find the data from the previous version (not a problem with previous installs). There is an "Import" button but that did nothing. I managed, after a struggle, via Web>Identity Safe>Import>Data configuration. This is not for the inexperienced and needs to be easier. Also it needed a system restart to access after importing but no mention is made of this.

I mentioned in thread #2 that the Norton toolbar does not work in IE9 and above so the vault is not available. Norton seems to have produced a workaround of sorts. On the beta version when logging in there is a box that appears with a list of saved logins which will launch applications in IE9 if (and only if) it is your default browser but I prefer Chrome except for a handful of sites that I visit that work better with IE. But even then I found the auto filling in IE unreliable. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't. It is a clumsy implementation.

The aforementioned box that appears when opening the Vault is the only access users now have to the full list of logins. That used to be available via the Norton toolbar. If you close the box accidentally rather than minimise it, it is cumbersome to get it back. My own wish would be to have the full list back on the toolbar. Whilst the toolbar has a list of recently used logins, if I need another one, I have to use the "search your vault" box. When inputting a partial name, the resulting list of options is bizarre and seems to bear no relation to the search I am trying to make.

All in all, I like Norton apart from the changes to IS where things are no far more cumbersome than they ought to be.

  sunnystaines 09:59 29 Jul 2013

norton 360 in general works great my points to make

1]better detection of tracking cookies/spyware

2] the vault needs a good overhaul before the final version comes out, in my case it would not sync with my online version of norton vault, and there is no apparent way to manually back up the online vault or sync it with the beta [needs fixing], what has happend in the the past is during install you are given the option to to save prev settings, this was missing during the beta install.

3]downloading not sure how ths wrong country error arose but it was a nightmare for me lost count of the numerous attempts to get this working. needs fixing before final release.

appart from these points like it

  Proclaimer 10:40 29 Jul 2013

This NIS product works and feels the same as NIS 2013 which is great. The Vault on the other hand seems to have been changed for no good reason and is now making me think about other products on the market.

I understand nobody likes change and I am one of those however, in this case the previous vault was easy to navigate and easier to manage multiple logons.

The search function on this Vault also seems broken or the Vault forgets all my logins, on this point I am not quite sure which is true. I know that if i search for 'Amazon' the Vault will not find it and if I open the vault myself or browse to the logon page the logon is there.

I get the feeling that with a release every year Norton feel the need to make each release look different. It is my opinion that they do not need to change the GUI or inner working at all.

I cannot see any difference in large drive scans or other detection slowdowns so I am happy with and still trust the core software. I am still concerned about the takedown of the firewall to check my mail but I do appreciate that this is still Beta software and may not represent the final release.

  Ventad 15:32 29 Jul 2013


On Vista appears to be working OK, Just renewed the licence for another 14 days that went alright. Just wished that I was able to have downloaded it on the laptop running Windows 7 64bit, as reported just I just ended up with 15 product keys and numerous hard luck messages.

  martd7 20:48 29 Jul 2013

Nis on windows 7 64 bit,ie 10

seems to work fine,has a lot of features ill not use but im sure many others will and have found them useful

  Aitchbee 21:17 29 Jul 2013

[referring to NIS and 360]

It would be nice to see some sort of progress indicator - either a numerical percentage or graphical [ slider ] when doing an 'on demand' scan, so as to get an idea of how long the scan will take to complete.

( I like know wether to make a cup of tea or to run a half-marathon during scans :o] )

All you get is 'WORKING - Scan In Progress' and a yellow flashing animation going from left to right [ and back again ] whilst the scan is in progress.

Avast has the above feature.

  carver 11:14 30 Jul 2013

I like Norton 360 and it does every thing I want, the only thing that may improve it is the ability for the programme to be smart enough to realise that you have an SSD hard drive fitted and it doesn't need or want to be de-fragged.

It may not be apparent to a lot of people that the programme on Norton that says "Disk Optimizer" is actually a defragg tool and that is a definite no for an SSD Drive.

So either call it a defragg tool or make it smarter.

  iscanut 20:34 02 Aug 2013

I do not use or like the Vault. Could do without it.

  Forum Editor 00:08 03 Aug 2013

Many thanks everyone - some very useful comments.

I think we'll wrap it up now. We'll pass your names and addresses to Norton, so they can send you your free licences in due course.

Thank you all for taking part.

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