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Norton test July 2013 - thread number 2

  Forum Editor 18:26 24 Jul 2013

Now that you have the beta software running on your computer, please comment on its stability and compatibility - are there any issues with your operating system (please state which one) or with any of your software applications?

  QuizMan 21:16 25 Jul 2013

One compatibility issue relates to Norton and IE9 and above. No matter what I do, I cannot enable the Norton Toolbar. This does not relate specifically to the beta version because it was the same in NIS 2013 that I used before testing started. Reading various help forums it seems to be an issue with IE's protected mode that insists on 64 bit operation, but I had hoped that Norton had developed a workaround by now. I can enable the toolbar in IE8 though.

I switched to Chrome a while ago for this very reason, but there are occasions when I prefer IE.

  Aitchbee 21:36 25 Jul 2013

It's only a slight niggle:-

I've got Directory Opus V.6 [ it's a very good 'replacement' for Windows Explorer ] installed on both of my beta test machines. [ it's installed on all of my XP computers, in fact.]


The [Yellow] Norton 'Scan Now' option does not appear in the drop-down menu [in Opus] when I right-click on the C: drive or any other directory.

This applies to both NIS and 360.

If I use Windows Explorer, the 'Scan Now' option DOES appear in the drop-down menu.

So, it's not such a big deal. [Directory Opus V6 is 12 years old!]

Everything else [ie. the other programs installed on my XP SP3 IE8 machines] is working ok.

  Pine Man 13:01 26 Jul 2013

Windows 7 64 bit. Norton Internet Security 2014.

Originally everything loaded perfectly but I then noticed the following:-

I could not configure a scheduled Full Weekly Scan as that facility would not open. The facility did, however, open for Quick Scans.

Quick Scans, carried out automatically when the computer was not in use, were only being carried out a maximum of once a day and sometimes three days passed without a Quick Scan being carried out at all. In NIS 2013 automatic Quick Scans would have run several times a day and Full Scans could be configured.

All searches in Firefox 22 had ‘Norton Secure’ attached to them to verify their security. This was not happening in Internet Explorer 10.

Being concerned about the inability to configure weekly scans I checked the Norton forum and a fix for this was to reinstall the software.

I reinstalled from scratch but then I could not activate the software and was told to try later. Later never worked so I tried another reinstallation, several times in fact, with the same result.

I will continue trying.

  Pine Man 13:41 26 Jul 2013

I have tried again, several times, to reinstall and activate the software.

I downloaded the Norton Removal Tool, uninstalled NIS BETA and then ran the removal tool.

I reinstalled NIS BETA and it appeared to load correctly but after installation I was asked to activate it, which I tried but got the response that it was unable to activate and to try later. I did receive an email with the activation code but could not get to the screen that required that input.

I cannot leave my pc insecure waiting for Norton to allow an activation some time in the future - maybe. So I have installed alternative temporary security software and will try again another day unless advice is forthcoming from Norton.

  sunnystaines 17:24 26 Jul 2013

pine man i had that try again later could not connect after several attempts it did connect but bounced the activation key.

  Pine Man 17:59 26 Jul 2013

I must have done it at least eight times and never reached the stage where I could even input the key!

  martd7 18:27 26 Jul 2013

Carver posted when clicking on performance, Norton froze,

i have this afternoon clicked on disable anti virus temporarily and NIS froze,i had to reboot the pc

  Pine Man 09:38 27 Jul 2013


Windows 7 sp1 64bit and NIS BETA

Uninstalled my original norton software and restarted.

Ran norton removal tool and restarted.

Manually removed all reference to norton/symantec from registry and restarted.

Installed Norton Internet Security BETA 'et voila!'.

All now running ok with no conflicts and the ability to schedule scans.


  carver 11:45 27 Jul 2013

After not being able to renew the subscription on the 360 Beta I had to remove the "old" Beta version then reinstall another download, it seems this is a common fault.

One thing I have noticed is that now my PC will not hibernate, yesterday after downloading I noticed that it wouldn't go into hibernation after 20 minutes but didn't take any notice.

I restarted the PC but didn't log into it and after a short time it just went into hibernation, this morning after using it it's now back to staying on. It's now been on for an hour and 30 minutes with no sign of shutting down.

Plus after downloading the 360 Beta yesterday and running a scan it has now deleted all my saved passwords and saved cookies. Just glad that I have a hard copy of all my passwords in a little old fashioned book.

But now at least the "Your subscription status" will work.

Running windows 7 64 bit

  Pine Man 18:29 27 Jul 2013

I notice that a number of testers have reported longer full scan times than before. I am pleased to note that my first full scan following re-installation took almost exactly the same time as it used to do with NIS 2013.

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