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Norton test July 2013 - thread number 2

  Forum Editor 18:26 24 Jul 2013

Now that you have the beta software running on your computer, please comment on its stability and compatibility - are there any issues with your operating system (please state which one) or with any of your software applications?

  martd7 19:16 24 Jul 2013

Windows 7 64bit,ie10

slightly slower on boot up and slightly slower to open ie 10 since installation of NIS,has been running on pc now for 12 days,no other issues

  sunnystaines 21:06 24 Jul 2013

all functions working very well except for the vault anyone been able to sync their online vault with the beta one, there was no option to save prev settings as in prev upgrades. i emailed norton asking how i sync or backup online vault to the beta but they have yet to reply this hiccup is very annoying when you have all your logins saved to it and cannot access.

scans and live update all working well in 360 as well as diagnostics

  Proclaimer 21:07 24 Jul 2013

OS Windows 7 Home Premium with NIS 21 Beta. I have four compatibility/stability issues.

Issue 1: Blocks Mailwasher Pro from Firetrust and Outlook 2013 from sending or receiving mail, previous NIS 2013 did not.

Workaround: Settings-Network-Smart Firewall-set to OFF then check mail using Mailwasher Pro. After mail check re-enable the Smart Firewall.

Issue 2: NIS 21 BETA crashes when using the 'Smart Firewall' settings to add a program (Mailwasher Pro from Firetrust) to the Trusted List. Settings-Smart Firewall-Network-Program Rules-Configure-Add

NIS 21 BETA then restarts

Crash Dump. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: NIS.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 51b8949f Fault Module Name: RuleUI.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 51c2b927 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0002a28d OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Issue 3: The Vault is not as good at putting in logon and password details when there are multiple logins for a page. Several times I have to reopen a page or close and open the vault to get it to select the correct one.

The issue is further compounded by The vault as during this time, the vault does not offer a pop up to choose a log on either. Something it does do when multiple logons are available for a site when using the NIS 2013.

Issue 4 NIS 21 Beta reports a Performance Alert on its own file ccSvcHst.exe

Performance Alert \Norton Identity Safe\Engine\2013.4.0.10\ccSvcHst.exe used 90% of at least one CPU. may not be an actual issue, I

mention it because previous versions of NIS that I have used have never reported performance issues caused by NIS.

Filename: ccsvchst.exe Full Path: c:\program files (x86)\norton identity safe\engine\2013.4.0.10\ccsvchst.exe

Details Reliable,  Many Users,  Mature,  Trusted

Origin Downloaded from  Unknown

Activity Actions performed: Suspicious actions performed: None

Developers  Symantec Corporation


Identified  11/07/2013 at 14:08:02

Last Used  17/07/2013 at 11:53:54

Startup Item  Yes

Reliable With typical use this program crashes very infrequently.

Many Users Millions of users in the Norton Community have used this file.

Mature This file was released more than 31 days 2 months ago.

Trusted Norton has given this file a trusted rating.

Source File: ccsvchst.exe


Avg. Resource Usage: Low Avg. CPU Usage: Low Avg. Memory Usage: Low

Performance Alert Process ID 2696

**CPU 90% of at least one CPU.**

Memory Normal

Handles Count Normal

Disk Read Activity Normal

Disk Write Activity Normal

File Thumbprint - SHA: 95b585543240e823d7850adeeea7a4738ef9e18a4b07d921f145f6ef466f0271 File Thumbprint - MD5: 1bf9d6476061b31cd7fc2bf848529a56

  sunnystaines 21:07 24 Jul 2013

not noticed any difference in boot up times

  carver 09:05 25 Jul 2013

I'm running Windows 7 and have been using Norton 360 Beta, two problems have shown up, first one was when checking performance levels of computer Norton just froze, it was still working just couldn't get it to close.

The window just remained in the middle of the screen and wouldn't move, close down or do any thing.

Only after switching PC off and back on did I manage to get shut of the Norton window.

Second problem is "Subscription Status Check" keep trying to check subscription on-line, just keep getting a window telling me I am not connected to internet and to retry, very frustrating.

The second problem could be just a failure on Norton's side so will keep checking but unless I manage to sort it will have to remove 360 in next 24 hours.

Every thing else is working as it should apart from full system scan appears to be slow.

  carver 10:20 25 Jul 2013

I mentioned in previous thread that running a full system scan was taking loner than before but it seemed a bit vague so decided to run another one.

This took over 55 minutes to scan a total of 300 GB of drive and before it took 40 minutes, so a big rise in time.

There is another problem, do not know if it's just limited information in the Beta version of 360 but been checking and according to Norton 360 I have 2 threat detections for this morning but when you try to find out what they are it just tells you that "There are currently no items to view for this category".

This is a bit worrying, I either have two threats that Norton 360 does not know about or they are just false positives, either way not very good.

  Ventad 13:16 25 Jul 2013


No change in boot up time, Started up Identity safe with no problem, did a rootkit scan and it found a start up problem which it got rid of. Otherewise seems to work with no problem

  QuizMan 16:24 25 Jul 2013

No noticeable issues with NIS on W7 64-bit desktop apart from Identity Safe (Vault) which I find flaky. I presume that there will be a further thread to comment specifically about Norton functionality as this thread seems to limit the information needed to stability and compatibility.

As others have said, scanning is slow. Based on 240Gb SSD and 500Gb data drive, it took 3 minutes for a quick scan and 45 minutes for a full one. The latter is definitely longer than before.

sunnystaines I am using the Vault. I don't like the new look of it and I had the devil's own job importing the saved data file, but it works OK now.

  sunnystaines 17:36 25 Jul 2013

been on live chat for an hour earlier, they were stuck too on the vault had to unistall the beta then could not reinstall it, also norton account corrupted in the process cannot access that they came to a dead end so far nothing fixed at all

  sunnystaines 19:23 25 Jul 2013

tried again n360 downloaded and installed very quickly big change from before, but alas would not accept the emailed serial keys.

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