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Norton antivirus test - July 2014

  Forum Editor 12:45 13 Jul 2014

Those of you who are participating in the beta test of the new Norton software should by now have downloaded and installed the software from the link in the email I sent to you.

Please record your download and installation process - did it go smoothly, or were there any glitches? Let us know which operating system version you are using.

Please do not discuss anything other than that in this thread.

  Aitchbee 15:26 14 Jul 2014


There is a Norton Beta Portal LINK on the download page which FE asked us to click on in the first email that he sent to everyone doing the test. After clicking on that portal link, fill in the required boxes and download the Beta program. Norton then send you an activation code to your email inbox.

Regarding my previous problem about activating my other 2 computers, I was able to go into settings/administrative settings/network proxy settings and then cleared a proxy setting.This enabled me to sign in and activate my 2 other computers [Norton did this automatically] to obtain the 14 days trial period. [ I hope that makes sense, folks].

  sunnystaines 17:13 14 Jul 2014


took your tip and got the keys thanks

  Forum Editor 01:01 15 Jul 2014

We have one late arrival on the panel. While he is downloading and installing the software please carry on using your installation normally.

I'll start a new thread on Tuesday evening, and we'll carry on with the programme. In the meantime, please don't use this thread to discuss other aspects of the software.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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