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Norton antivirus test - July 2014

  Forum Editor 12:45 13 Jul 2014

Those of you who are participating in the beta test of the new Norton software should by now have downloaded and installed the software from the link in the email I sent to you.

Please record your download and installation process - did it go smoothly, or were there any glitches? Let us know which operating system version you are using.

Please do not discuss anything other than that in this thread.

  carver 17:39 13 Jul 2014

Installation was a bit disconcerting because as bjh said there isn't any thing to show it's actually installing apart from what appears to be a moving yellow line at the bottom of the install screen.

Apart from that the install even with start up took about 5-7 minutes to perform and that included removing a previous version of Norton 360.

Using Windows 7 64bit

  sunnystaines 17:51 13 Jul 2014

intalling on widow 7 starter 32bit

during install it asked to delete windows essentials [opt yes] during this process it froze up, ran again and got passed this bit ok.

then all seemed to go well and fast till norton account page popped up. it would not accept my currant norton account password after several attempts opted for lost password. a new reset email arrived straight away login in ok, followed by a another norton account login page again not accepting new password. so gave up for now and closed that liveupdate 9 items to update. the program in general seems to have installed and working ok.

  sunnystaines 17:54 13 Jul 2014

same bjh here too on samsung 110 netbook with the install line.

  iscanut 19:37 13 Jul 2014

Downloaded and installed with no problems. Previous version removed painlessly and new one set up with Firewall.As others have said, it would have been better if some sort of progress bar could have been shown but that is only a minor niggle. Took about 5 or 6 mins to install. Windows 7 32 bit

  keverne 19:37 13 Jul 2014

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit Samsung NC10 netbook

Didn't have a Norton account so had to create one. Then it wouldn't accept my login details. Tried a few times without success so gave up and carried on with the install.

The serial code was accepted but then reported that the beta wasn't licensed. Entered the code again and the installation then ended successfully.

Ran LiveUpdate and Quickscan.

Seems to be working OK.

  QuizMan 19:53 13 Jul 2014

Successfully installed on my Windows 7 64-bit desktop PC. Previously I was running Norton 360 which it detected and uninstalled.

The only minor concern was when 360 popped up with a red warning message during the initial download - "Auto-Protect is processing security risk Trojan.ADH". Eventually the message disappeared with no message (that I saw) whether all was OK. I suppose as I was downloading a .exe file, a warning was to be expected, but it did bring a smile to my face that Norton doubted its own product!

Other than that the installation process went very well and it seems to be up and runnning.

  sunnystaines 20:09 13 Jul 2014

two readers said they entred a key code. I never had one and was never asked for one during install. seems my beta valid 7 days.

  iscanut 13:32 14 Jul 2014

I was emailed a key code which when used, gives one 14 days validity.

  Aitchbee 13:39 14 Jul 2014

I've downloaded and installed Norton to 3 different computers - all of 'em are XP Home SP3. [ 3 bites at the cherry! ]

I've managed to sign-in (with my current account details) and to activate one of the installations with the activation code that was sent to my email inbox giving me a 14 days trial period.

However, when I click on the 'sign-in' link [top right] on my other 2 Norton installations on the other computers, I continually get the message " subscription status check - cannot connect to Symantic server. Try again later." ... so I currently have only got a 7 days trial period.

I have been able to update the virus definitions on all 3 installations so I am at a loss as to why the Symantec server works for those and not for the signing-in process.

BTW. I am using 3 computers for the Beta Test as they all have different programs on 'em.

  sunnystaines 15:04 14 Jul 2014


who sent the keycodes norton or pca. just checked both emails from fe and the norton one for the beta no key codes mentioned, but all ok norton working fine.

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