Norton 360 version 4.0 post install impressions

  Forum Editor 08:23 31 Oct 2009

So, the new beta is installed, and for most people it seems to have been a trouble-free experience.

What are your initial impressions - is the software running discretely and efficiently, in the background, as a good security application should?

How do you find the email spam filter - too aggressive, or just right?

Does your computer seem to be running smoothly, and as fast as before?

  Quickbeam 09:00 31 Oct 2009

First impression is that all is running smoothly. It's discrete once I tick the 'don't show this again' options for anything that I don't want to be reminded of again.

There was one email from my bank that got sent to the junk folder, but I pressed the 'not spam' button and it was sorted.

It is running a bit more smoothly and opening browser windows more quickly.

One thing is that the annoying instances of a blank page that needs refreshing to view (see the white screen thread) has self repaired, I haven't had the problem since installing it.

  QuizMan 10:01 31 Oct 2009

It seems to perform well so far. It is not at all intrusive.

I have not yet tweaked any of the settings and that seems fine for the anti virus and firewall, but spam is getting through that was blocked by my previous spam blocker. Having said that, most spam is captured at server level by my ISP.

I need to have another look at the backup facility. It looks like I can elect to backup whole drives, but not selected folders within that drive. I have only spent a few moments on this and, as rain is forecast for later, it will be something to do after the gardening.

  QuizMan 10:04 31 Oct 2009

I should add that there is no apparent performance hit after installing it.

  Quiller. 11:20 31 Oct 2009

Quite pleased with the performance of Norton. The machine runs smoothly and it might just be a little bit faster than normal.

"is the software running discretely and efficiently"

Yes it is. I have to keep checking to see if it is working as there is no sudden drop in performance. Definition updates are clean , fast and unnoticed. No flashy alarms bells, sounds or popups to tell you are up to date.

I usually get very little spam and 70% auto goes to junk folder. Now all spam is in the junk folder.

Very impressed, so far.

  sunnystaines 13:29 31 Oct 2009

in vista is running first class, dont know why but a little sluggish in scans on xp.

room for improvements

include the execellent UAC tool

the delayed start up list, no option to set the delay time [eg 2mins or 5mins etc]

the backup could be improved to back up the c drive to external media [memory key,hdd,dvd]

the items to delete after scan would be nice to be able to read what they are other than just 3 cookies.

overall like it, very good.

  sunnystaines 13:32 31 Oct 2009

with the betas being revamped every two weeks or so will will we be notified of the download links so we can keep the beta going for the full 90 days for those that want to do so.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:55 31 Oct 2009

Runs quietly in back ground doesn't seem to affect performance speed of my 3.2 Ghz 1M ram Medion.

Had to reset both gmail and freeserve email accounts before being able to receive mail, although outgoing mail was unaffected.

Spam filtering needs "training"

  Giant68 14:55 31 Oct 2009

So far I am quite impressed. The install was smooth and hassle free and now it sits in the background and appears to the job it was designed for. I have not noticed any speed difference, either faster or slower, but I have installed it on a brand new laptop with a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate and shed loads of RAM. I also need some free time, possibly tomorrow, to investigate the backup function which is showing as having failed a backup on 28th.
Ran a scan of the whole system and it seemed to run quicker than AVG, which I have always used prior to this.


  Newuser38 16:21 31 Oct 2009

All seems ok I was not asked to remove Microsoft Security Essentials and N360 is blocking it. The spam filter works ok I think as per Norton usual standards from my experience currently of Norton Security 2010 on other PC's.

  mobileman1953 16:24 31 Oct 2009

smooth hassle free installation, runs smoothly in the background, no reduction in performance, updates without interruption quite improved from the last nortons i used 2006,no problems with email or other software installed, quite impressed at the moment

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