Norton 360 version 4.0 backup facility

  Forum Editor 19:24 02 Nov 2009

Have you used the backup facility, and if you have, what did you think? Does it work as you expected, and would you be happy to use it as your primary backup tool in future?

  sunnystaines 21:12 02 Nov 2009


it seems to backup various files, i would have liked it to been able to back up an image or clone of the c drive.

for indivigal files photos etc i use a secondary drive with cut & paste

  Chaz10 22:04 02 Nov 2009


I've just lost Norton, will not load from the desktop or from the programs page.

Any ideas?

May have to reinstall it ( windows still says "its protecting my pc"

  Quickbeam 22:15 02 Nov 2009

"would you be happy to use it as your primary backup tool in future?"
No, I have Norton Save & Restore 2 as a primary disc recovery.

For everyday working files I use MS Synctoy between this computer, a remote HD backup and a netbook. That gives me 3 copies of my working files.

I'll try the 360 backup out.

  Chaz10 22:20 02 Nov 2009

Ok, back up and running, had to uninstall and reinstall........why all I did was turn computer on, not installed anything else at all to upset it. Will try the the backup now although as previous posts have said I usually back up to a externall HDD, pendrive or DVD.

  Quickbeam 22:30 02 Nov 2009

It's a very good and easy to use interface. A lot of backup programs aren't easily setup. The 'what, where & when' panel is very good.

I still wont use it though, as my system using MS Synctoy also lets me modify files and sync them when used away from work or home.

  mr simon 22:44 02 Nov 2009

I can see this being useful but I already have a good system in place for backups so I won't be using it.

  mobileman1953 08:18 03 Nov 2009

have not used it use other drive to back up important stuff

  bjh 09:40 03 Nov 2009

I've used the backup to backup - and to recover, and it works well. I haven't tried online backup from it. Yep, I'd use it. However, I still would use Acronis as well, as that is more of a cover-all major disaster prevention system.

It's easy to use, smart, fast, so I'd be happy using it. (Obviously, before I relied on it as a backup system, I'd want to know the reliability, etc, but we ARE talking beta software here, so I'll let that one pass for now)

  Newuser38 11:33 03 Nov 2009

Likely to use it for local drive backup but not for online back up which I suspect I have just done through not understanding the program properly yet.

  Giant68 15:16 03 Nov 2009

I have never been one for complete images of my drive or any formal sort of backup. Generally, I don't really have an awful lot of files that I need to back up. I have always copied and pasted any files I think are important to recordable media or external hard drives. But I thought that i would give this one a try. Sets up quite easily so that the files I want are backed up and off it goes to online storage. Simple, once I figured out that I was a donut after screwing up the first attempt, read the instructions! I will probably use this facility regularly.


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