Norton 360 version 4 - Your overall impression

  Forum Editor 17:41 04 Nov 2009

Now that you've been using the software for a few days, what is your general impression - is it something that you would consider using on a permanent basis?

Some of you will have little niggles, and this is the time and place to tell us about them. We'll keep the threads running until the end of the week, so feel free to share your views on any aspect of the beta product.

  mobileman1953 17:52 04 Nov 2009

very pleased with product from installation till now it has ran smoothly , no problems at all would use it on all my machines

  sunnystaines 17:55 04 Nov 2009

overall good, very similar still to ver 3,

works fast in vista and windows 7, finding scans in xp a bit slower, not sure whats happened to logins safe it often fails to pick up passwords which were not a problem in ver3, i like sonar but had a problem already mentioned earlier.

would i use ver4 of 360 the answer yes.

  joebloggs1 18:38 04 Nov 2009

I have been extremely impressed with the software. It's been a while since I had a Norton product installed,probably Internet Securuites from about 2005, but the software has moved on so much since those days.

I have been using my PC extensivley over the last few days. It's a new build so I have been installing and downloading various programs, and have had no hitches at all with the software.

I have also tried all of the options, and other than a bit of confusion about what some actually do (see below), they have all run quickly.

The only slight issue I have is as follows -
When I run the Diagnostic Report it tells me I have Inoperable Hardware devices. The only option is to open device manager, but that doesn't show anything unusual.
One of the hardware devices reported is my printer, but that is working fine. Second one says Symantic Data Store, but I can't work out what that is.

This is the only issue I have so far.

  mark2 19:21 04 Nov 2009

Haven't used a Norton product, except their own uninstaller since systemworks circa 2000, tried to lock me out of my own computer, however no problems yet with this, doesn't seem any heavier on resources than avast and sygate together.

Not noticed any apparent slow down, I'll keep using it I think.

  Newuser38 21:08 04 Nov 2009

I am a very longtime Norton user (since Peter Norton days) so perhaps am a little biased but so far so good. The only problem is the learning curve to use the different elements but I am sure I shall crack them. The ability to decide which ones to use and which not is great. It certainly runs well.

  hansa 21:24 04 Nov 2009

first time norton user and slightly concerned about resource hogging that I had heard about from previous setups. No problems, apart from initial hiccup when installing. Would prefer that the startup manager had some sort of time delay facility instead of just off or on for the programs.

Depending on price, would make me think hard about returning to Kaspersky.

  bjh 21:57 04 Nov 2009

I think it is excellent. The best point about it is the lack of intrusion... aside from the first time you have to go through what you want to run, and what you can do without. I've barely noticed it was running. Really no impact on performance, easy to use, quick to scan, and fairly comprehensive in services offered. I was amazed at the speed of install.

I'm not sure how effective it is as far as visiting less salubrious sites. I'm tempted to download some torrents and the like, just to see what it finds. Problem is, because I don't use "that" kind of site, I'm not sure what to expect to find... I would like to know it works "in anger" as it were, before I realy recommended it.

I suspect most of us are less... well, um, shall we say adventurous... in our internet tastes. Does it work if one goes prowling "on the dark side" of the internet ...

I would like them to sort the sub-window system, so it is more obvious that there is a window beneath the one you have open, maybe via tiling the stack...

  Chaz10 21:59 04 Nov 2009

A few minor problems to start with but it has sat there doing it's job well.

Would I buy it....... mmmmmm not sure depends on price as there are a lot of features included in this software that I will never use ( Backup, identity protection) now if you could get a stripped down version of norton, ie just AV then I might pay £10 a year for it but as it's been over 10 years since I last used Norton it will be a bitter pill to swallow as now I'm used to the free ones such as AVG which work well.

I think the 14 day license is a bit short to test all its features and would like longer, but all in all 9/10.

  Chaz10 22:01 04 Nov 2009

good idea, I'll have a look at a warez site now.

  Chaz10 22:09 04 Nov 2009

Ok, just visited this site:
click here
and downloaded a dodgy keylogger to check Norton, Norton went ape and removed the file before it got on the computer.

I would now buy this software!

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