Norton 360 version 4 - and finally........

  Forum Editor 00:06 06 Nov 2009

Thank you, everyone, for your good work on this test, and for your feedback - I'm sure that Symantec will find it very useful.

We'll draw the formal part of the test to a close now, but please feel free to continue posting to the various threads if you wish - they'll remain open for the time being, and we'll continue to monitor the content.

  mobileman1953 07:55 06 Nov 2009

thank you for the chance to try norton 360 is there any way to extend free trial licence

  sunnystaines 08:48 06 Nov 2009

apparently to go the full 90 days you click the renewall option i did post the full procedure earlier but can't find it. i will look for the info and post again,

  sunnystaines 08:51 06 Nov 2009

found the info again

"Here's a breakdown of the times:

- 7 days: subscription time for Norton 360 v4 Beta if you don't use the activation key

- 14 days: subscription time if you use the activation key received by email

- 28 days: subscription time if you activate AND use EXPRESS RENEWAL within the BETA

Additionally, you can get a new key from the Beta Center, if your subscription time has lapsed.

The "90 day" text reflects the standard duration for beta testing, and does not reflect the duration of the beta product activation.

  hansa 10:06 06 Nov 2009

just renewed using the beta centre option. 19 more days to go.

I agree that there are a lot of things in the prog superfluous for me but will seriously consider remaining with 360.

Thanks for the opportunity.

  bjh 10:22 06 Nov 2009

Firstly, Thanks to F.E. and Norton.

Well, I like it, I do. I run Kaspersky 2009 suite, and McAfee suite 2009 on computers, (along with Norton 360 from the last beta), and I guess I'll dump McAfee for the latest Norton now.

It's far, far smoother to use, much less intrusive, used much less cpu and memory, acted smarter, just more pleasurable to use.

I agree with others, I'm not sure I'd use all the features, but some may, and to have the choice there is worthwhile.

I'm not sure that it is that much better than the last Norton version, although the layout seems easier to use. It does seem better (to me) than Kaspersky or McAfee.

  Quickbeam 10:35 06 Nov 2009

I've now got it telling me that I haven't scheduled the backups, and that there are several things that need my attention.

Compared to the 90 day McAFee trial that came on my netbook, I'm thinking, why is it telling me this, when the McAFee just does it and says the system is all OK when I can be bothered to look.

I don't want annoying screens telling me that I should do anything, I just want it do do for the best and keep quite about it.

  sunnystaines 12:45 06 Nov 2009

just renewed mine now expires 26/11/09 using EXPRESS RENEWAL within the BETA

  mr simon 13:18 06 Nov 2009

Having used NOD32 before, in comparison it is just shy of measuring up. Too many box pop ups, and too many false flagging (though I'm sure, as I mentioned in another thread, this problem will be resolved with the mass uptake).

It has features I prefer to NOD32, so if it stopped the boxes coming up telling me I haven't backed up or that the file I've downloaded is safe, it would be my #1 choice.

  Quiller. 13:32 06 Nov 2009

have come a long way in improving there product over the last 8 years.

This is a product I would not have recommended in the past but now I think it beats the pants off *free* software and is a good all round package.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:46 06 Nov 2009

If someone wishes to pay for a security suite then I would recommend this one.

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