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Norton 360 v6 - wish list

  Forum Editor 22:58 27 Dec 2011

Now that you've responded in the thread about the operating experience it's time to ask if you've noticed anything that you wish wasn't there, or alternatively,is there something you would like to see included, or changed?

  OTT_B 19:32 28 Dec 2011

Faster scan speeds, please. Painfully slow compared to alternative products (it took in excess of 4 hours to complete the same 'level' of scan as Essentials did in about 30 minutes.

And PLEASE don't automatically 'tune' my PC without asking first. It ended up deleting files in the my temp internet files folder that I wanted.

DON'T auto defrag - my OS is set not to, Norton should follow its lead. PLEASE, rather than the registry cleaner going straight in and doing its job, include an option to review the actions which it is going to take.

The logs which it builds up are interesting. Kind of. But as with all systems, they seem to collect rather more information than is actually necessary, and give wrong impressions as to how 'serious' a 'threat' actually is. A very well known website stat counter is unlikely to be a 'High' risk.

Norton doesn't recognise that IE is not only not my default browser, but IE has been removed (as far as Windows will allow) in the Add / remove windows components options. Yet Norton says that IE is out of date and should be updated. Not good. Please fix!!

I think those are my only complaints.

The good stuff: Parental controls are good and effective. I didn't use the backup facility, but it's good that it is there

  Strawballs 20:29 28 Dec 2011

I am using it on an oldish XP machine with only 512 meg of Ram and it keeps telling me that Google Chrome is a high memory user 46MB, though it seems happy that this is the only browser I use on this machine but this is my only gripe so overall happy with it.

  Condom 18:25 29 Dec 2011

Came back from lunch and it had done another automatic tune up and removed yet again all the avatars attached to my contacts in Messenger. I guess I can put up with it whilst doing the tests but I wouldn't want this to be happening all the time so unless it can be switched off (and so far I haven't found a way to do it) this program is a no no for me.

As a side issue does anyone know where these avatar files are stored so I can offer them some protection?

  Taff™ 11:05 01 Jan 2012

I agree. There is so much in this security package as to be baffling for the average user. The online tutorials are "Coming Soon" and I think there should be a simple top 20 tasks list that allows a novice to be guided through the basics. The "old hands" like me can dig and delve later.

Having said that it isn't always obvious to me how to undo certain things that Norton 360 does without asking. (Recover a deleted cookie for example) By the same token it does most things in the background which is excellent and overall I would recommend it to anyone.

  QuizMan 16:51 02 Jan 2012

I really do not have much to add to what has gone before.

Mainly I cannot see the point of the tune-up functions. Norton 360 sells itself as a comprehensive, easy to use protection for computer, identity and files. If that is its mission statement it does all of those things well (although Acronis TI does back up better). There is no place in that for a tune up function.

A very small request in the great scheme of things - allow me to sort my frequently used ID safe logins alphabetically. Even after just two weeks my list is long and quickly finding the one I want is becoming slower.

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