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Norton 360 v6 - wish list

  Forum Editor 22:58 27 Dec 2011

Now that you've responded in the thread about the operating experience it's time to ask if you've noticed anything that you wish wasn't there, or alternatively,is there something you would like to see included, or changed?

  Aitchbee 23:24 27 Dec 2011

I don't like the ICONS - a lot of them look similar and 'clanky'.

The map of the world idea is a bit of a joke.

And there is too much Norton and Yellow.

  Condom 01:31 28 Dec 2011

There are several things I don't especialy like. As mentioned already too much yellow and Norton. Yellow to me is a sign of danger and The big yellow icons also look uninviting. When you see the green logo you felt much safer. I did eventually find the defragger but compared to the old one it was boring whereas the old one you could actually see something happening. I didn't understand why disk optimisation appears under PC Tuneup but is not so obviously available under the PC Tuneup tasks heading. The various bits and pieces could do with some tidying up with regard to launch procedures.

I didn't use the backup facility as I have Acronis already and I didn't feel a need to do a second one. Also the map is a complete waste of space and one must also presume memory usage. A yellow gimick tooooo far.

I sincerely hope but doubt that the layouts will be changed before launch but it looks like an extremely unattractive program which is a great pity because...

It seems to work very well in the background

It seems to be much less resource hungry than Norton became famous for

It does what it says on the box

And there lies Norton's problem. It just works so are poeple going to pay out money for something that they forget is there when you can get virtually all the same things free and also get some whistles with them.

Marketing will be crucial as they will need to offer family packs as most families now have more than one PC. Single user licences will be a failure like the ones we got with the earlier version of Internet Security we tested. Families will likely want to keep their safety programs similar but will not wish to buy more than one copy.

Operationaly I have not had any problems testing this.

  rawprawn 09:11 28 Dec 2011

I think that the Backup Online is superfluous, The only real reason I tested it was that I run Acronis onto my external drive. I think it is just a hook to make more profit per sale, since you have to buy online storage if you need more than the small amount free of charge. I have done some searches on Google and found that I am not the only one who has had a problem with it. Other than that I am very pleased with the overall performance and interface.

  carver 10:16 28 Dec 2011

Have to agree that the home interface looks as if some one spent a good couple of minutes over a pint designing it, those symbols look as if they have been drawn by a 3 year old and first impressions count.

Norton is supposed to be a top notch product with a price to match so why don't they make it look like it is.

The activity map is a waste of time and I for one would not miss it, as other people have stated the amount of yellow is a bit over the top and with the icons always being yellow it looks as if they are warning you some thing is wrong.

Why don't they make the icons on the home page turn green if every thing is OK, it would or could give you the feeling that Norton is working as it should.

One other thing on my wish list, why don't they make renewal cheaper once you have the product. At this moment in time Norton are doing 360 V5 for a 1 year download for £41.99 or have a 2 year subscription for £109.99 the mind boggles, I can buy it online with free delivery for £34.00.

  Ford Prefect 01 10:46 28 Dec 2011

Not a lot to add to the above comments really. The only thing I would say is at least you can stop the map flashing these days. It is however superfluous.

  Taff™ 11:24 28 Dec 2011

Looking at the Spam Allowed Lists I spotted several e-mail addresses I would prefer were in fact blocked. (Not sure where Norton picked these up from but presumably the Outlook allowed lists or the one's I had downloaded pictures for.) Annoyingly you have to delete each of these individually. The normal and easiest option is to use the Shift or Control Key in conjunction with the mouse click to select multiple entries and delete in one go.

  Jameslayer 17:02 28 Dec 2011

I find the whole package confusing to use. The ? icons dont really explain anything.

The norton insight is misleading first time i saw it i thaught the files it showed were actually my computer.

Does norton only deal with IE and not firefox?

I told optimation to run and when ever i close norton it said optimastion is still running would i like to stop it. Does it actually show you what norton is currently doing.

  Jameslayer 17:03 28 Dec 2011

One last thing the yellow map people are refering to I have the option to activate it but once I do I cant see a unactivate option.

  sunnystaines 17:14 28 Dec 2011

Overall the product performs well on security as expected.

But I do agree with some comments posted already, the map is a gimmick that needs scrapping, all versions should come with 3 user minimum, a single license is pointless in a family home, not used the backup, or the spam option I think most people use online emails with spam options built in like gmail these days,I prefer other 3rd party free defrag programs which are so much better. I too would also like to see a more proffesional interface rather than a dumbed down one.

  rawprawn 17:19 28 Dec 2011

Jameslayer, strange my optimisation runs very quickly. I am also pleased that it gives the fragmented % on the drive and says it does not need defragmenting

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