Norton 360 v6 Operating experience

  Forum Editor 19:49 23 Dec 2011

Now that you have downloaded and installed the Norton software, how are things generally - have you noticed any differences in the way your machine and/or other software performs?

  Taff™ 19:25 24 Dec 2011

No issues so far with the Norton 360. System running exactly as before. Having previously tested previous releases I've poked about and run scans in the background. I must say that Norton 360 is the ultimate - I doubt though that most people will actually use, or understand, what all the features of this software can do if you ask it.

By the way, minor irritation, first full scan detected 10 "issues" - all cookies, which were deleted, including my safe cookie which allows me to log into this site! Now tracking down the way to exclude it from further scans ......

  OTT_B 19:48 24 Dec 2011

I've been mostly using Microsoft's Security Essentials Free version (and also AVG free version to clear the stuff the Essentials can't) in recent years. MS Essentials as day to day protection, because it seemed to have less impact on system performance than any other software I've tried. But this version of Norton seems very good for its performance impact during . Very good indeed.

  Strawballs 00:21 26 Dec 2011

Not seen any real difference it has told me a couple of times that Chrome is using a high amount of memory 75meg. I also like that today I left the machine running for a couple of hours without using it and when I then went back to it I was told that the tuneup was performed successfully.

  Jameslayer 20:26 26 Dec 2011

As a couple people of mentioned FF seems a tad slower but could just be net.

  Ventad 20:32 26 Dec 2011

Has anybody had problems with identity safe

  Aitchbee 21:26 26 Dec 2011

Last night I noticed there was a 70mb download (update). Luckily I was connected with mobile broadband USB modem. My other dial-up connection would be unsuitable for such a download.The update, the previous day was 1.8mb which was ok.

What was that big 70mb update all about?

  sunnystaines 21:45 26 Dec 2011


yes, on most sites it auto logs in ok but on two webs i use it fails to recognise the login page sometimes.

everything else working well.

  QuizMan 09:40 27 Dec 2011

ventad - I have not noticed that problem with ID safe, but I shall keep checking now that you have given a heads up.

However, I do have another problem with ID safe. Whenever I use a log in for the first time it adds that site to what I assume is a frequently used list. I would like to be able to sort that list alphabetically, but have not yet worked out how to do so.

  rawprawn 11:34 27 Dec 2011

I have had a problem with Backup Online using the default settings, it collects the data OK but then stops and I get the message "Symantic Service Framework has stopped working" I have got round the problem by unticking all the default settings except Other Files, then choosing what I want to backup.

  Ventad 14:24 27 Dec 2011

After configuring identity safe and putting a few logins sites complete with PW I applied and closed. The next web page that I opened required a login that I had not put in I had a catrostophic freeze on the laptop which I had never ever had before, tried to get to task manager nothing happened, the only way I got out of it was to hold the power button down until it finally closed the laptop and restarted.

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