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Norton 360 v6 Operating experience

  Forum Editor 19:49 23 Dec 2011

Now that you have downloaded and installed the Norton software, how are things generally - have you noticed any differences in the way your machine and/or other software performs?

  carver 20:05 23 Dec 2011

Up to now every thing is or appears to be running smoothly, apart from the early problems with the DVD writer.

Sorry but what more can you say, it works, hasn't slowed PC down and is doing it's job.

  rawprawn 20:05 23 Dec 2011

I was already running Norton Internet Security, and since installing Norton 360 Beta I have noticed no running difference at all. It all seems very well integrated. I have found only one problem, but as you instructed I will leave this comment until it is asked for.

  Ford Prefect 01 20:11 23 Dec 2011

I was using 360 v5 before, this version appears to be even less resource hungry.

  Ventad 20:15 23 Dec 2011

No change at all, infact I am quite pleased that unlike some previous Norton products there has been a complete slow down of the computer, no slow down at all and it also works quietly in the back ground when there is a period of not using the computer whilst switched on, with the little flag that pops up makes you realise that somethings going on and deters you from switching off and I dont mean that as a bad thing because one can forget to do things on a regular basis especially when all is well. A Full scan does not take as long as Microsoft Security Essentials which was on this computer previous.

  Legolas 21:30 23 Dec 2011

It is running in the background without incident doing its job of protecting my system. Almost with I had more to report but like the last few Norton products I have beta tested it is a case of download, install and forget it is there.

  Condom 23:50 23 Dec 2011

I have been playing around with it for a few days now and everything appears to be working fine. Initially I thought that Firefox was running a little slower but as I have just upgraded to Version 9 and then 9.01 it is difficult to point fingers. I have had it run all the tests and clearing up etc and low and behold I find it also clears out the Microsoft Messenger files which store the little Avatar pictures of people. I thought this was just a Ccleaner problem but it seems the same happens with Symantec. Perhaps they have to speak with Microsoft about this and possibly get Microsoft to move these files to an area which isn't subject to cleanups. I know you get the pictures back as soon as someone comes back on line again but it shouldn't happen.

Apart from that I can't say that I have noticed anything untoward. One thing I haven't found is a Defragger which I always thought was part of these Symantec Packages but perhaps it is no longer. It was one thing I used to use a lot when I had Norton previously.

  sunnystaines 09:24 24 Dec 2011

runs as fast as nis2012, does not slow down the pc, the identity safe which i like very much on a few occasions does not auto logon some webs. otherwise very pleased so far.

  ajm 12:21 24 Dec 2011

On this machine, emails downloading via POP3 occasional get "timed out". I am using Windows Live. It may not be related to Norton but to the mail server.

I had a printer connected on my network, and I had to disable the firewall briefly to allow the printer to be seen, then once restarted it was OK.

Overall, everything seems OK.

  Aitchbee 12:37 24 Dec 2011

As a first time user of ANY Norton product, I have not had any problems, so far, although yesterday, while on PCA, the refresh rate of pages was extremely slow. On my other computer at the same time, the PCA site was OK.This problem went away after a shutdown and restart.

Also during install I was asked to remove Zonealarm and System Mechanic - which I did do.(using another uninstaller, REVO).

I reinstalled System Mechanic today and so far, everything is working ok.

  QuizMan 16:43 24 Dec 2011

There is no obvious performance differences between 360 and NIS 2011 that I used previously. That is a good thing and I am very pleased that nothing much has changed. I do however have a couple of issues after using it for a few days:

1) I tried to install Serif WebPlus 3 starter edition from the PCA cover disk Jan 2012. Norton flagged a file pb7de1.exe as behaving suspiciously and removed the program without prompting from me. I tried again on a machine running NIS 2011 and it did the same. What I do not know if this is an issue with Norton, PCA cover disk or Serif.

2) I now have a small Norton gadget in the top right hand corner. When hovering over that it brings up another small box to close the gadget or drag it. The latter is greyed out and I cannot find a way to activate it - not that I want to.

The first issue bothers me, the second does not.

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