Norton 360 post-installation reactions?

  Forum Editor 16:44 07 Jan 2009

Please use this thread to let us know about anything which seems to be a worry - or a delight - immediately following your installation of the software.

Please DO NOT use this thread to report on your download or installation experience - use the initial 'welcome' thread for that information.

So, how's it running - are you generally pleased with what you see, or do you have 'issues' of any description? Don't worry too much about any specific anti-virus points at this juncture - we'll come to that aspect of things later. What we want to know now is how 360 is getting along with your hardware/software mix.

  tullie 16:51 07 Jan 2009

Very pleased so far,one problem so far.
Ran Norton Insight,it seemed to crash and close Norton down.Rebooted laptop and ran Insight again,ok this time

  bjh 17:08 07 Jan 2009

Boring answer: pretty much forgot it was there. Which, in my view, is just what I want from AV suite.

It hasn't interfered with anything, and I'm running it on my home system crammed full of useless software. I got one surprise - icons on desktop have green ticks when scanned. If that's not using too many resources, I like it. I noticed a couple of new documents transferred to this machine this evening had blue chevrons in the corner... green tick now. Mmmm Happy Icons!

Ran scan, pretty fast. Like the fact it learns what it needs to scan.

It hadn't automatically set up spam filtering with Outlook Express. I didn't mind, but I was surprised it hadn't. I guess the incredibly fast install should suggest that quite a few background bits may need tweaking.

Overall, five star at the moment.

  Falkyrn 17:40 07 Jan 2009

Minor personal gripe re installation of Toolbars in Firefox and IE without requesting permission.

Thunderbird recognised as email program and automatically set up for the firewall. Unfortunately any attempt to use TB was met with a "connection refused" message. Checking the firewall the setting was at "Auto" which should have allowed access but was obviously refusing to do so. re setting this to "Allow" cured the problem.

After installation I was met with a screen with 4 large green indicators beneath each of which the word protected could be seen. But checking each individually showed that nothing had actually been done.

  babybell 18:21 07 Jan 2009

The only thing so far is, when I bought my PC, it came with 250mb of Ram, I bought an additional 500mb thus making it 750mb. When I run the Norton Diagnostic Report I get a warning message next to Hardware Profile which reads:

Problem: Your systems RAM is low:
Recommendation: Consider upgrading your RAM

This of course confused me as my PC has more RAM than when I bought it and I have made no other upgrades to my PC and have no draining software.

I just wonder if it thinks 750mb is low by todays standards rather than judging how much my PC actually needs?

  babybell 18:28 07 Jan 2009

I am incredibly surprised with how light the program feels. My old Security Centre would take 30 seconds from me clicking open control panel until I could use it. Norton however loads almost instantly and is a huge improvement on older versions of the software.

  Forum Editor 18:38 07 Jan 2009

I have also been pleasantly surprised by Norton 360's apparently minimal impact on system resources. It's probably no secret that I have previously not been a fan of Norton products, but if my initial impression of this 360 software holds good that might be set to change dramatically.

I like what I've seen so far.

  Forum Editor 18:43 07 Jan 2009

I forgot to comment on the RAM report. I think that 360 is using an inbuilt database to determine that anything below 1Gigabyte of RAM is, by today's standards a little on the low side.

I know that you're running Windows XP, and I'm quite sure your machine runs along just fine in 750Mb, so I wouldn't worry about it for a minute. If you're in the mood at some point, and you have some spare cash you might consider upgrading to 1Gigabyte, but otherwise leave well alone.

  sxm-bill 18:46 07 Jan 2009

As I mentioned in the more general thread last night,
I had one slight problem with the installation: After N360 reoved my older version of Norton AV and rebooted my pc, it appeared to have run into some install problems. After a few minutes I got an error message advising me to reboot and try the installation again. I did that and N360 appears to have corected itself, -from there on things went very smoothly.....

  Forum Editor 18:52 07 Jan 2009

Thanks for that. What you've described says quite a lot as far as a beta test is concerned. One of the ways to tell really well-designed software is its ability to pick itself up after an installation error and carry on through to a successful install.

Buggy code will often simply come to a stop state and stay there, looping you endlessly through abortive install after abortive install, until you want to run screaming out of the nearest window. Your experience is a reassuring sign.

  Legolas 18:53 07 Jan 2009

I started to run a complete scan but before I was allowed I was forced to do a backup, not sure if there is a way round this, anyway half way through the backup my system froze and eventually I had to switch the power off. After the reboot I got as far as the desktop but I couldn't launch any apps such as my browser or email client. I eventually shut down and rebooted in safe mode and then uninstalled the Norton Beta rebooted and everything was back to normal.

I am about to reinstall Norton beta ad I will see how it goes. If I still have problems I will do a clean install of Windows XP and try Norton on a clean install.

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