Norton 360 - is it working?

  raziel08 18:37 14 Nov 2009

I am currently using the beta version of Norton 360 however when i boot my computer up it doesn't appear in the bar at the bottom right of the screen. Also it doesn't seem to load up either. There are occasional times where it will load up and i can update the database however it has been a couple of days since this happened.

can anyone advise on this?

  sunnystaines 19:24 14 Nov 2009

I found that in xp only the beta would occasionally loose the icon from the task bar and the desktop shortcut plus opening via program's would not work. no idea why it occasionally turns off.

in my case a reboot solves the problem on a temp basis.

  raziel08 22:05 14 Nov 2009

hi sunnystaines thanks for the reply. yeah i'm running xp as well so thats probably the answer.

  joebloggs1 00:43 17 Nov 2009

I am unclear about how long I can run the beta software for. I presently have 13 days left. At that point will I be able to keep it running, or do I need to be making plans to put some other protection in place?
If I do need to remove, what is the best method. Is it just a straight forward uninstall form the Control Panel, or do I need ot get a Norton removal tool like I have needed in the past?

  sunnystaines 07:49 17 Nov 2009

"Here's a breakdown of the times:

- 7 days: subscription time for Norton 360 v4 Beta if you don't use the activation key

- 14 days: subscription time if you use the activation key received by email

- 28 days: subscription time if you activate AND use EXPRESS RENEWAL within the BETA

Additionally, you can get a new key from the Beta Center, if your subscription time has lapsed.

The "90 day" text reflects the standard duration for beta testing, and does not reflect the duration of the beta product activation.

  Newuser38 15:24 17 Nov 2009

How does one find Beta Control. I have 8 days left of the beta out of the 28 and am hoping to move from beta to full copy for testers.

  Newuser38 16:00 17 Nov 2009

Sorry Beta Center not control.

  Newuser38 09:25 23 Nov 2009

Norton are still advising that beta expires in 2 days ???

  Newuser38 11:37 23 Nov 2009

I was given a new download and key by Norton and now have another 28 days Beta.

  sunnystaines 17:08 23 Nov 2009

just had a load of problems with the beta [in w7 ok] but in xp it would without warning switch off and i could only get it going again with a had to reinstall as i could not turn it on, ok now suspect it may clash with adv system care by iobit.

  sunnystaines 17:53 23 Nov 2009

you did well, just gave me 14 days.

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