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Norton 2013 beta test - overall impressions

  Forum Editor 19:19 11 May 2012

Now that you've had a few days to evaluate the beta software, what are your general impressions - is this version an improvement on the current release, or if you use another anti-virus/internet security application, how does it compare?

If you have any specific likes and dislikes, now is the time to mention them.

  Aitchbee 20:55 11 May 2012

I like it ... my first impressions. The program looks slick and 'well-behaved'. It found something untoward (in a ZIP compressed file) after a lengthy scan today. 10/10.

  Condom 22:53 11 May 2012

As we are only in May and as this program is normally released nearer the end of the year I imagine that this is a fairly early Beta version or am I wrong?

Having said that it is pretty darn good for a beta version. OK I have had a few minor problems but I cannot say for sure that I can lay them all at the door of Norton as I had 21 Microsoft updates on Wednesday and I know one of them had a fault it it so who knows. I think it is perhaps a fraction slower on the Internet than my usual software but it is fractions of a second and therfore hardly noticeable at all. I have not had any further internet connection dropped or IE9 problems for the past 24 hours so again that might not have been down to Norton or their update fixed it.

It has updated itself without me noticing and scans do not result in any noticeable hit on system performance but I do have 8GB of memory. I have ran all the tests I could without any problems apart from that one strange report I got about my own PC seemingly attacking itself. I noticed the Norton Safe Web on Facebook and I also run that which showed clear and was reassuring. That is a nice touch which should be well advertised. The only thing it didn't appear to have that I like is a secure "Sandbox" but perhaps I just haven't found it.

This is the 3rd version of this software I have tested and it is by far the best. In fact I might very well use it this year which would be a customer won back after 6 years away. Thankfully all the bright yellow of 360 has gone so I don't need sunglasses to use it. The odd thing or two I didn't like 100% were some of the displays but that could very well change as I got more accustomed to using it.

As everybody seems to be saying these days "it does what it says on the tin" and seems to do it very well and so much better than it used to do.

  sunnystaines 12:53 12 May 2012

used norton NIS or 360 every year for ages, yes i like it, ie9 has settled down.

did not notice any major changes or additions i presume its all under the bonnet stuff.

good product, very pleased with it.

  sunnystaines 11:54 14 May 2012

i like best set up and forget and it runs itself

  Pine Man 15:11 14 May 2012

I have not used Norton for many years as it used to use so many resources and slowed everything down so much. This version has completely changed my mind.

Apart from some installation problems it has run faultlessly and really impressed me.

At present I use Bitdefender but Norton is faster overall and does not affect performance.

I am completely sold on this product and look forward to the full version:-))

  Ventad 15:48 14 May 2012

Yes it is definatelly running smoother in the background,although 'web page safety' slowed the full page opening down,I had Trusteer Rapport running as well in the beginning which did not work at all well with Norton and virtually stopped the pages opening at all. I then started getting popups from the bank when going to their pages to download Trusteer Rapport to be safe (because had turned it off). So it makes you wonder if something went wrong would the Bank say "it was my fault" for not running their recommended security, makes you wonder. Otherwise it works well.

  Ventad 18:55 14 May 2012

Tigertopsstrong text

I agree totally with you there, I run those and did not have problems,. goes to show that Norton has got to do something or make sure that those not conversant with turning off web security should be told clearly how to do it, or make it a positive manual turn on if a web security programme is not running on a purchasers computer.

  Ventad 18:57 14 May 2012

Tigertops Sorry about that your name was supposed to have been bold

  sunnystaines 19:04 14 May 2012

noticed in prev version norton safe opened quickly, but the renamed vault takes longer to open at times.

I would like to see more info on the web page like the free dntp software that shows all the cookies etc a web you are visiting is loading with an option to block/allow them.

  sunnystaines 20:13 14 May 2012

my albine dnt+ seems to be conflicting with norton beta, mostly ok but the privacy window that gives details of whats being block will not appear. [spent ages with albine help support]

And very surprising with norton disabled pca pages open quickly!!!!!!! like any other web page, when norton activated again slow pca pages are back, had a play around only pca web affected with slow opening with norton, looks like my norton 360 may be the same i will try that after the beta trial.

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