Norton 2013 beta test - and finally......

  Forum Editor 23:37 14 May 2012

Do you have any suggestions for improvements - something that might be added, or left out of the product?

This is your chance to speak directly to the software developers.

  Ventad 16:43 18 May 2012

I think they really need to get the delay in opening web pages sorted along with getting Trusteer Rapport recognised by NIS so they do not fight each other. I switched off the web page security and kept getting a red cross and reminders to fix, should be a tick box to stop all that so you can run what you want without any bother.

  Pine Man 17:19 18 May 2012

Just been reading the latest responses and it is strange how some things are adversely affected with some people and not others, particularly Trusteer Rapport and Belarc. Both are installed on my PC and neither are affected by, or actually affect, Norton.

Also strange that I had awful problems trying to install it with countless BSODs and yet nobody else seems to have the same problem. However since I mastered the installation the program has run perfectly.

  sunnystaines 20:54 18 May 2012

is anyone going back to norton 360 after the beta, if i would be keen to here if it ran smoothly or if you get problems with left overs from the vault clashing with identity safe.

  Pine Man 11:22 19 May 2012

Uninstallation went surprisingly well. Only found a couple of folders left in C drive and a couple in registry after they were removed CC Cleaner didn't find anything.

  Ventad 16:31 19 May 2012

Uninstalled NIS and it went ok. No bits and peices left in the registry ,CC did not find anything and I did a search as well quite pleased that it uninstalled everything.

  Forum Editor 00:16 20 May 2012

Thanks everyone, I think we can call it a wrap. Your feedback will be passed to Norton, along with your contact details, so they can send you your free licence when the final version is released.

  sunnystaines 09:43 20 May 2012


Are they going to offer the norton 360 beta to test next

  Forum Editor 00:47 21 May 2012


There's a public beta available now if you want to try Norton 360 on your own. We're not running a structured test, however.

you can download the Norton 360 beta here

  sunnystaines 09:47 29 Jul 2012

Norton Internet Security 2013

now released and available for download. hopefully our opy will arrive soon.

  sunnystaines 12:31 30 Jul 2012

might be an error the download link in majorgeeks does not show beta but does for the AV ONLY VERSION

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