Norton 2013 beta test - and finally......

  Forum Editor 23:37 14 May 2012

Do you have any suggestions for improvements - something that might be added, or left out of the product?

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  Forum Editor 22:49 15 May 2012


As far as I can tell from the information you've provided this isn't anything you should be worried about. Norton has detected traffic between devices on your network, or between one of your machines and the internet.

  Condom 00:01 16 May 2012


Thanks for that FE. I won't worry about it as I have had this set up for some time without any problems and it has only been this Norton version which has shown it.

  QuizMan 15:45 16 May 2012

I am sad to say that I had to uninstall NIS2013. I simply could not get it to work with Outlook 2003 and I needed Outlook more than I needed NIS beta. I went back to Norton 360 v6 and everything is back to normal. My apologies that I could not get it to work to test it fully.

  sunnystaines 09:01 17 May 2012

put pc on this morning, had norton shortcut on desktop which i had deleted after install last week then saw the red x on the icon clicked on this said error was browser not protected, hit fix, but could it could not fix. tried several times and reboot norton cannot fix the error.

anyone else hed this, i presume with the desktop icon appearing there has been a beta update.

  sunnystaines 09:37 17 May 2012

still trying to fix the beta now saying no network protection and fix cannot fix. if i cannot sort by the end of the day i will have to delete the beta and go back to norton 360.

also opened the beta and all the various bits are slow to respond,something gone very wrong since last night when it was working so well

w7 32bit ie9

  Condom 12:05 17 May 2012

Same as sunnystaines in that I had the Norton Shortcut appear on my screen this morning as well as red cross on the Norton logo on the ribbon. Trying to update again resulted in a forever "processing" loop and "Fix Now" Not working. Still showing a "Network and Web Protctions At Risk"

Have tried various times to fix this but even when I do get a couple of updates and eventually get them installed the "Fix Now" is not fixing whatever is wrong.

I'l give it another hour or two and then rethink my strategy. Going to reboot now

  sunnystaines 14:10 17 May 2012

uninstal of beta took ages, putting norton360 more errors and id sfe not working. been on norton live chat for over an hour,they are still messing around on remote control.

  sunnystaines 15:56 17 May 2012

well got my norton 360 v6 working again after uninstall of the beta. after spending all morning reinstall /install several times went to norton live chat [connected very quickly to a helper]took just over 2 hours and got it working agian but lost all my passwords I had saved.

it you revert to norton 360 and have my problems [hope you do not]. ask live chat to look at my log 1358 today helper was krishnanunannyAR he also added extra 30 days to licence because of the problem. It is all related to the vault.

the NIS2013 beta was good pity it had a bad ending, but thats what a beta is about and the risk we take.

  Condom 16:08 17 May 2012

Well after nearly 3 hours of failure to fix whatever has gone wrong I decided to remove the Beta. Fortunately I use Revo uninstaller as the Norton internal remover left dozens of files behind and over a hundred Registry entries. Even Revo missed one file folder from Symantec but it was an emtpty one. This continues to be a problem with Symantec programs and I think it always has been. Simply not good enough for an expensive program.

Reinstalled my old program which immediately found a root problem which it wanted to scan from boot up which I let it do as this is very similar to a safe mode check. Nothing subsequently found. All back up and working normally but is it worth re-installing NIS 2013 or is the testing just about over?

I have said earlier that I wondered if this was an early Beta release or a near finish release but I got no comments. If this is an early release then this failure today is acceptable but if it is a near release version then this looks like something serious as it basically gound to a halt and left the computer unprotected with a big sign telling you so.

  Condom 16:11 17 May 2012

I have just noticed sunnystaines last post which crossed with mine. I haven't used the vault so the problems today clearly affected more than just vault users.

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