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Norton 2013 beta test - any incompatibilities?

  Forum Editor 22:31 08 May 2012

Now that you've installed the software, and have it running (I hope) on your computer, have you noticed any problems with your other software, or with the way your computer is running generally?

  Ventad 12:06 10 May 2012


"ie9 needs to recover" Yes I have been getting that as well, I did not take it as Norton and tried every thing sfc /scannow , reset explorer, and was even going to uninstal IE9 and reinstal but have not done it yet! It does not happen on the desktop running Vista and Norton 360 only on laptop W7 64bit so I cannot put it down to windows update this week because it started before that.

  Condom 16:31 10 May 2012

I've been having several problems today with my Internet connection apparrntly being dropped on a reguale basis. I've also been getting the IE9 problem as listed above by sumnnystaines & ventad. There is no proof of course that this is down to Norton as it could well be one of the Microsoft Updates from yesterday as I'm having problems installing several of them on my laptop which seems to be rejecting them and that is not running Norton. Perhaps I should have held off with the Microsoft updates whilst doing this test but Secunia kept reminding me I had out od date programs and so I updated.

Everything seems to be working again OK without the need for me to do anything. Will keep monitoring as I will be working on my PC for the next several hours.

  sunnystaines 17:55 10 May 2012

ms updates on a laptop without the beta running ok, my netbook with the beta is now getting frequent ie9 not responding/recover web page issues which i suspect might be norton beta, more so now other beta testers getting the problem.

other than this point no other problems.

not seen anything new other than change of name of the vault.

  Aitchbee 18:47 10 May 2012

It's just a minor 'niggle'...but why does the little yellow NIS icon down at the bottom RH corner (on the taskbar) sometimes appear and sometimes not appear?

It's reassuring to me, anyway, to have it there all of the time.

  Pine Man 20:23 10 May 2012

Mine is there all the time:-)

  sunnystaines 21:10 10 May 2012


always found that icon handy, its there all the time, always last to load when pc turned on. but any problems with norton that green tick goes to red cross

  sunnystaines 17:53 11 May 2012

just downloaded latest version of smartdefrag from major geeks got a not trusted warning.

i clicked view details and opted to trust download, all went ok.

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