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Norton 2013 beta test - any incompatibilities?

  Forum Editor 22:31 08 May 2012

Now that you've installed the software, and have it running (I hope) on your computer, have you noticed any problems with your other software, or with the way your computer is running generally?

  QuizMan 22:44 08 May 2012

I cannot get Outlook 2003 to receive e-mails. It seems to stick at 50% complete in the status bar and goes no further. To be fair it has been doing this on and off for a while, more so since installing the free Norton 360 from the last beta testing, but that usually corrected itself at the second attempt. This does not happen with the latest product; it simply refuses to go beyond 50% whatever I try and do.

At this stage I cannot say that NIS is to blame. It may just be a coincidence. When I have more time, I shall uninstall NIS 2013 and see if that solves it.

  Forum Editor 23:01 08 May 2012


Have you tried disabling the Norton plug-in for Outlook?

  QuizMan 23:27 08 May 2012

FE - thank you for the tip. I assume you refer to the Norton anti-spam plug in. When I eventually located it and turned it off, there was no improvement. It still sticks at 50%. I've switched the plug-in back on and still no change.

It is getting late. Perhaps tomorrow will bring inspiration rather than desperation.

  Condom 00:47 09 May 2012

Been running it now for nearly 24 hours and used most of my regular programs and everything appears to be working AOK. This morning I had one report which confused me when I went to one of my regular sites on the Internet and I really cannot understand what it meant but it has not returned. Report said "IPS Alert Malicious DNS Domain No Action Required" The strange thing was that the attacking computer was in my own name.

  sunnystaines 09:35 09 May 2012

so far all running ok as normal

  Pine Man 10:25 09 May 2012

I am running Outlook 2010 and it didn't like installing the anti spam plug-in suggesting that I disable it, which I did.

Having done so I then enabled the plug-in through Outlook and, initially, Norton suggested I disable it but I didn't and it now appears to have been accepted.

  QuizMan 10:33 09 May 2012

I have been attempting to resolve my Outlook 2003 issues referred to in my previous posts. Firstly I temporarily disabled the AV and firewall - no change. In the end I uninstalled Norton and that immediately allowed the e-mails to come through correctly.

I shall try re-installing, if it will let me, to see if I still get problems. If so I may have to abandon further testing unless I can find a fix.

  Aitchbee 11:07 09 May 2012

I had a slight concern when updating 'Iolo's System Mechainic' from 10.7 to 10.8, this morning, as an update component (definitions) was having difficulties getting thru' to my computer (XP 512mb). When I disabled Norton's 'smart firewall' for a few seconds, the update continued successfully.(I then re-enabled the NIS firewall).

System Mechanic and NIS are 'talking to each other' :o)

No other problems.

  Ventad 12:37 09 May 2012

No real problem except that web pages take a longer time to completely open, page starts quick and then slows down take this to be the web checking going on. Its a bit frustrating at times especailly seeing my download speed is at 12.4Mbps, and with 4MB ram.

  Ventad 12:58 09 May 2012

Turned off browser protection and frustration has been relieved.

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