Norton 2012 test - overall impressions

  Forum Editor 17:57 17 May 2011

Thank you for all the feedback you've provided so far.

Now for your general impressions - do you see this software as an improvement over the previous version, and if so, in what way(s)?

Do you think you'll continue to use Norton 2012 after your free one year licence has expired?

  sunnystaines 17:04 18 May 2011

yes will use 2012 when my 2011 expires, rate it first class, cannot say if its the best as i have used no other for a while been as so impressed with norton of late

  Forum Editor 18:49 18 May 2011

Thank you for all this interesting feedback. There will be a final thread shortly.

  rawprawn 19:18 18 May 2011

Forum Editor, I am suprised that the testing of this program has not been more stringent. I would have thought that Norton would have liked much more detailed data rather than the impressions that we have posted. I have never taken part in a beta test before, so perhaps I expected something rather different.

  carver 13:42 19 May 2011

This is one of those bits of software you put on a PC and leave it to do its job, the interface is quite user friendly but I don't think that I would want to change to this from Norton 360.

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