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Norton 2012 test - let's get started

  Forum Editor 17:34 11 May 2011

Welcome to those of you who were selected to test the beta release of Norton 2012. I need to start by offering an apology for the delay in getting this test under way - you'll be aware that we recently re-launched our website, and frankly we've all been pretty busy dealing with the inevitable glitches and tweaks.

We're finally ready to go however, so let's make a start.

All of you should have downloaded and installed the software, and you have probably had a chance to try it out. What we would like to know in this thread is how the installation went. If you encountered any installation problems please post about them here. Do not post on any other aspects of the software, and please do not start your own thread. Experience has shown that the test will work better if we all step through the various scenarios together.

Once we have the installation situation covered we'll start a new thread in which we will investigate performance.

That's all from me for now - over to you.

  Forum Editor 23:21 11 May 2011


Thank you. Yours may be the only post for a short while - we haven't quite finished registering all the participants in this special forum area.

  rawprawn 16:56 12 May 2011

No problems at all it loaded seamlessly. Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

  QuizMan 19:57 12 May 2011

All went without a hitch. I used the Norton removal tool to uninstall NIS 2011 and install took about 4 minutes. It even kept my identity safe settings and details despite the previous uninstall - I had backed up anyway.

Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium.

  I am Spartacus 20:11 12 May 2011

Downloaded and installed without problems, very smooth installation. I uninstalled MS Security Essentials first though.

  Ford Prefect 01 22:57 12 May 2011

No problems here. ASUS netbook with XP Home. Used and uninstalled MSE first.

  Condom 23:06 12 May 2011

Downloaded a couple of weeks ago and it installed quickly and smoothly. Running Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit with 4 GB Memory and 2 very large 1TB hard drives. Only a slight problem when activating the product key. It said it couldn't do it and to try again later when in fact it had done it.

  bluesbrother 02:51 13 May 2011

At the start of the installation it said it would uninstall any conflicting programs. Zonealarm was removed but AVG was left intact. I haven't noticed any problems yet, installation and first scan went very smoothly.

  Sapins 08:09 13 May 2011

Installed on Windows 7 OK.

  Legolas 08:29 13 May 2011

Installation went without any problems. Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.

  sunnystaines 08:48 13 May 2011

Installation went OK. Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

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