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Norton 2012 test - and finally....

  Forum Editor 18:58 19 May 2011

It's nearly time to wind up the test. If you downloaded the software and have tested the product, now's the time to check the other threads in this series, and make sure you've responded.

Otherwise, use this thread to post your final thoughts, or any other comments you would like to make about the software that aren't covered by the other thread titles.

  sunnystaines 19:54 19 May 2011

thanks PCA for letting use beta test.

  I am Spartacus 20:20 19 May 2011

I've nothing much to add to my other comments in other threads. However despite those comments I would still recommend it for those looking for a paid for, all in one solution.

Happy to donate my free copy to someone if it's possible to do that.

I think this has been mentioned elsewhere but I was a bit surprised that there wasn't a structured test regime based either on usability, bug finding or both.

  Condom 20:51 19 May 2011

Never thought I would ever say I haven't noticed Norton was on and running. Big question now is whither it is worth the money when you get so much for free these days.

  rawprawn 21:02 19 May 2011

I will use Norton 2012 after my present 2011 edition license expires. I wish that the tests had been more rigorous, and that there may have been some response to the questions and comments posed. However it is an excellent program, and as has been said before you can load it up and forget it knowing that you are well protected.I look forward to a free year with Norton courtesy of PCA. Thank you.

  QuizMan 21:57 19 May 2011

It still amazes me that Norton has moved on so far from the ponderous beast that we have tried and rejected in the past. This is every bit as good as NIS 2011 and it gave me no problems or headaches throughout the testing period. For most, 360 is over-kill and NIS will remain my security software of choice.

  Forum Editor 23:36 19 May 2011

I am Spartacus

It's actually quite difficult to set up objective structured test routines for anti-virus software in the forum. We can do it with applications, and we did just that with some previous tests.

On this occasion we felt a rather less formal approach was appropriate.

  bluesbrother 02:10 20 May 2011

"It still amazes me that Norton has moved on so far from the ponderous beast that we have tried and rejected in the past." I totally agree QuizMan.

Though in saying that, I think I will be staying with AVG and Zonealarm. I have used them for quite a few years, both free and full versions, and both have proved their worth.

I will however stop, ehh how should I put it, not recommending Norton. In fact, if I can, in a few months the first lucky person who asks my opinion will get a free copy.

  Sapins 08:16 20 May 2011

When I loaded the programme in readyness for the appraisal I forgot it was there. I like it because for me the less I have to do the better, it can be relied on to get on with protecting my computer and I can get on with using it. I was using Avast and will go back to that till I receive my free licence and In all probability I will stick with Norton afterwards. As I mentioned before it saved me a lot of hassle trying to find what it was that was using most of the CPU capacity. All in all I think it is a very good programme, easy to set up and use and a nice looking interface as well. Thanks for the invite to take part FE, I have enjoyed it.

  carver 09:59 20 May 2011

It a very good anti virus that just does it's job, no hassle just put it on your PC and leave it to run.

There are free programmes but the problems with those are you have to update manually and with threats coming out all the time it could be too late.

One site did do a test on anti virus programmes recently and the winner was Norton, used less computer memory than most of the free stuff and it showed that AVG used twice as much.

I just wish that the owners of Symantec had as much intelligence as it's software, they have a good product but don't recognize customer loyalty, their help lines are first class but unless you have their product you will not know this.

If you go onto Symantecs web site to download a copy of Norton Internet Security 2011 it's £49.99 go to Amazon and its £22.00 so why don't Symantec say to existing customers "we will give you a discount for staying with us". In this current economical climate I would have thought that retaining customers was one of the most important issues a firm could face.

It all about money and no amount of telling people that you have the best product will get them to spend some thing they do not have, after all why spend money when you can get a free item that nearly does the same job.

  Ventad 15:17 20 May 2011

only problem I found is that I have been away for a few days and got back today and the BETA had come to the end date and would not it seems let me get on line until I deleted it and Put MSE back on from a previous download.

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