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Norton 2012 test - any performance issues?

  Forum Editor 19:12 14 May 2011

You've installed the software, and judging from your responses in the installation thread that went smoothly. Now we would like to hear about any performance issues - has there been any apparent effect on the way your machine runs with Norton 2012 installed?

  Legolas 15:32 15 May 2011

As all of the above. It runs very smoothly in the background doing what it should do without impacting on my computers performance, so far defineately not a resource hogger.

  sunnystaines 09:22 16 May 2011

running ok, had norton nis2011 installed prior to loading. pc just as fast.

  Jameslayer 20:45 16 May 2011

No change here. I was using MSE before.

  Condom 09:51 17 May 2011

My second install appears to be much better than the first one. The first scan on the second install found 4 tracking cookies which the original installation didn't report. Shutdown also back to what it was previously, ie circa 10 seconds. No errors being reported and my Internet connection seems to be stable once more. Clearly Symantec have made some improvements over the past week or so. I'm now going to play around a bit with some of the other bits I am not so familiar with. Wish me luck.

  Taff™ 13:54 17 May 2011

With Norton Full Scan Running plus Outlook, Word, Skype and Chrome plus a couple of other programs CPU usage is between 25 and 35%. No performance issue there.

With Norton running in the background without being tasked to do anything specific and running a similar number of programs there is absolutely no issue that I can detect.

  carver 20:14 24 May 2011

F.E, in the last couple of days this version of Norton has decided that about 5 drivers have been infected by a Heuristic Virus and decided that it was best to delete them.

Unfortunalty my wife was working on the PC at the time when the warning came up and decided to follow the advice to delete the files.

Any way to cut a long story short there was no infection but now I have no drivers for sound card, DVD Burner, printer and scanner, it's also decided that any thing I download is now a secrity concern and and has no knowledge that any of the files I try to download are safe, it's also asking to delete another couple of files because they may contain a virus.

I have run 3 different scans from other anti virus software and also a deep scan from Norton, all with the same result, no infections.

I think I may have to do a clean install to put matters right but thats the way with Beta versions, you never know what will happen.

If my spelling is not perfect it's because it's now decided that the spell checker is not safe.

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