Norton 2012 test - any performance issues?

  Forum Editor 19:12 14 May 2011

You've installed the software, and judging from your responses in the installation thread that went smoothly. Now we would like to hear about any performance issues - has there been any apparent effect on the way your machine runs with Norton 2012 installed?

  Strawballs 19:43 14 May 2011

The computer that I'm using for the test is an older one running XP a Sempron XP2200+ CPU and 1.5 gig of Ram and it seems to be no difference on performance to MSE that was on it before.

So far so good.

  QuizMan 19:51 14 May 2011

Nothing detected here. I was running NIS 2011 previously and Norton 360 v4 before that. Performance is much the same for all of them. So far so good.

  Ford Prefect 01 20:12 14 May 2011

No real difference except when it first ran a scan it picked up something MSE had missed.

  I am Spartacus 20:16 14 May 2011

Runs normally and I haven't spotted any performance issues. Pretty much unnoticeable in use.

  Condom 21:36 14 May 2011

My first scan took just over 2 hours for 2.5 TB which seems like a long time to me but having not used Norton for some time it is hard to comment. Nothing was found. Occasionally I am encountering error 8921,251 then it tells me that the Symantec Service Framework is not reporting and I have to close the program to get rid of the warning. Whether this is a Symantec issue or my lousy Broadband service playing up I am not too sure. On shutdown my PC has slowed from about 12 seconds to around 45 seconds.

  Sapins 23:29 14 May 2011

No performance problems so far.

  rawprawn 08:31 15 May 2011

As this is a specific question my answer is that there have been no performance issues. I was running NIS 2011 before the test, and can see no difference in my computer's performance. I have had a couple of other issues arise which we can no doubt discuss later in the test.

  carver 09:32 15 May 2011

Performance does not appear to be effected at all but I suppose I should have run a benchmark test before I installed and one after to get a better idea.

But in normal use no difference and when playing L4D2 frame rates are still the same.

  Ventad 10:17 15 May 2011

No problems so far after the initial installation.

  bluesbrother 12:02 15 May 2011

No problems yet, almost as if its not there.

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