Norton 2012 test - any performance issues?

  Forum Editor 19:12 14 May 2011

You've installed the software, and judging from your responses in the installation thread that went smoothly. Now we would like to hear about any performance issues - has there been any apparent effect on the way your machine runs with Norton 2012 installed?

  mobileman1953 19:29 14 May 2011

no effect on performance does not seem to slow anything down, start up and shutdown still the same , have not noticed any ill effects at all, just seems to do what it has to do in the background

  Strawballs 19:43 14 May 2011

The computer that I'm using for the test is an older one running XP a Sempron XP2200+ CPU and 1.5 gig of Ram and it seems to be no difference on performance to MSE that was on it before.

So far so good.

  QuizMan 19:51 14 May 2011

Nothing detected here. I was running NIS 2011 previously and Norton 360 v4 before that. Performance is much the same for all of them. So far so good.

  Ford Prefect 01 20:12 14 May 2011

No real difference except when it first ran a scan it picked up something MSE had missed.

  I am Spartacus 20:16 14 May 2011

Runs normally and I haven't spotted any performance issues. Pretty much unnoticeable in use.

  Chaz10 20:25 14 May 2011

Performance was what put me off using Norton many years ago and I switched to the free AV providers which didn't seem to suffer from this,however both the 2011 and this version don't seem to affect performance at all. So far I'm very impressed.

  mark2 21:33 14 May 2011

No performance problems noted, everything seems to function as expected, all good so far.

  Condom 21:36 14 May 2011

My first scan took just over 2 hours for 2.5 TB which seems like a long time to me but having not used Norton for some time it is hard to comment. Nothing was found. Occasionally I am encountering error 8921,251 then it tells me that the Symantec Service Framework is not reporting and I have to close the program to get rid of the warning. Whether this is a Symantec issue or my lousy Broadband service playing up I am not too sure. On shutdown my PC has slowed from about 12 seconds to around 45 seconds.

  Newuser38 21:54 14 May 2011

No problems found with performance slowing down or other.

  Sapins 23:29 14 May 2011

No performance problems so far.

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