Norton 2012 test - any likes/dislikes?

  Forum Editor 18:19 16 May 2011

Now that you've had a chance to become more familiar with this version, do you have any specific likes or dislikes - anything at all that would deter you from using the final version, or anything that you particularly like?

  Sapins 07:22 17 May 2011

I haven't found anything to dislike yet, I'll post if I do. I do like the way it just gets on with things, I also like the interface.

  Taff™ 13:10 17 May 2011

Likes: A fairly uncluttered Home User Interface with simple icons and headings to explore as we go on. A quick exploration of these leads me to recognise some of the terminology experienced in the Norton 360 interface which if you`re familiar with seems to make sense.

Every dialog box does take some understanding but overall it seems quite logical and experimenting with the various settings and running different types of scans was interesting.

  Taff™ 13:10 17 May 2011

Dislikes (Noting too serious here): A popout appeared as I was making installation notes stating “High Disk Usage by MS Windows Search Indexer”. That grabs your attention and immediately looking at Performance Report from the Security History drop down reveals that “User Idle” was confirmed and the recommended action was none. So why interrupt the computer user with this one? Is it a “Comforter” for the user?

The full system scan results showed proudly that “All threats resolved” and as expected it had found 20 tracking cookies. At the bottom of the dialog box it stated “Removed files are quarantined. To restore click here” On doing so it goes to Security History with the Show Quarantine in a drop down box – this actually was empty but selecting Resolved Security Risks from the said drop down box revealed a summary report. Clicking on File Insight revealed the identities of all the cookies but most noticeably there appeared to be no way to restore them as suggested by the first dialog box.

Application Ratings

From the main user interface selecting Application Ratings brought up Norton Insight to give an initial report. This scores applications against community ratings and gave a myriad of results but looking at the four columns alongside each file name it is not immediately obvious what these are. Looking closer at the black column header you can see 4 dark grey icons which if you hover over them reveal trust level, prevalence, resource usage and stability respectively. These icons are not entirely obvious and it immediately raises a concern about visually impaired users of this interface.

  Sapins 14:37 18 May 2011

Just been having a look round the interface as the performance tab was reporting 100% CPU usage. I discovered that if you hold the mouse over the "bars" and then click it gives you the three processes that are using the most CPU capacity, or if you chooseit, the Memory usage. The software for my new WD External drive was using 50% + on its own so I have uninstalled the WD software and the differnece is amazing. This is the sort of thing that I find extremely useful.

  Sapins 14:39 18 May 2011

chooseit should have a space thus; choose it and differnece of course should be difference.

  Ford Prefect 01 11:46 19 May 2011

The only irritation I have is can there be a facility to switch the activity map off.

  carver 14:07 19 May 2011

I've just got a couple of dislikes, first one is the time taken to perform scans. Compared to Norton 360 this version does seem to take a long time, nearly twice the time.

Second dislike is the sort of backup it provides, it only gives you the option of online back up but this is only any good if you intend to stay with Norton beyond the 12 months you have this product for.

I for one would not like the idea of backing my PC to online storage if the only way to retrieve it is to stay with Norton and keep paying, if you don't wish to do that then you have added expense to get another piece of software to do the back up for you.

I do like this product but it all depends on the price, Norton always asks top money for their products and I'm certain if they just reduced the price they would sell so much more, if you go to their website their prices are always 20% more than buying it from a retailer and they will send you a disc, were is the sense in that.

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