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Norton 2012 test - any likes/dislikes?

  Forum Editor 18:19 16 May 2011

Now that you've had a chance to become more familiar with this version, do you have any specific likes or dislikes - anything at all that would deter you from using the final version, or anything that you particularly like?

  rawprawn 18:43 16 May 2011

Yes I have had a cpouple of problems, bear with me. 1) I have a program called lockngo

my old external HD died and I had to install lockngo on my new 1tb portable drive. Norton would not let me do it saying it was dangerous. I disabled the antivirus auto protect, and the smart firewall, but it still would not let me install kockngo. Eventually because I was running out of time I uninstalled Norton, installed lockngo on my portable drive then used system restore to get back to square one. Not a good way to proceed!

2) After a full scan I clicked on "Settings" and it froze with this message " Symantic System Framework is not responding" I had a choice to wait or close program, I closed but had to reboot to reload Norton. I do not know if this was afault in Norton or my computer, but it has not occurred again. I like to think it was a glitch in my computer, as I like the program very much, and since I already run NIS 2011 I would upgrade to NIS 2012. It is neat and tidy, uses a minimal of resources and simply works quietly and efficiently in the background.

  I am Spartacus 18:51 16 May 2011

I don't like the assumption that you'll immediately want toolbars adding to your browser although they're easy to turn off but you can't uninstall them, the same goes for the anti-spam toolbar it foists on Outlook. Turning that off causes error messages occasionally when starting Outlook. In addition every time I've had a major update it doesn't remember the settings and I have to turn each one I don't want off again.

Also I prefer McAfee Site Advisor as it provides clear results in Google searches and to date has been wholly reliable and because there are so many settings that you have to wade through in Norton it takes time to identify and then decide whether you want them or not.

  I am Spartacus 19:00 16 May 2011

Forgot to add my likes; I like the way it's generally as unobtrusive in use as MSE ignoring the occasional update failures which I've attributed to it being a beta so I'm not specifically marking it down for that.

  Legolas 19:17 16 May 2011

Like some of the above I have used Norton since the last beta test we did, this version so far is just as good with no issues so far and as before very unobtrusive. I would not hesitiate to use it as my main security/anti virus programme.

  sunnystaines 19:39 16 May 2011

running ok, no probs so far very pleased

  sunnystaines 19:40 16 May 2011

forget to add once set up you can sit back and let it take care of the pc

  Condom 20:00 16 May 2011

Like rawprawn I had to do an uninstall as I was having problems with its self diagnosing facility failing to restart. From previous experience of Norton products leaving things behind I decided to use Revo Uninstaller and it took 8 mins for a complete uninstall. After the Norton Uninstaller was finished Revo then found a further 27 items which it removed and then a further 79 items on its final sweep. I see Symantec are as bad as ever with leaving rubbish behind. My slow shutdowns immediately went back to circa 10 seconds and then CCleaner found 1 further item. That is a lot of items to be left behind after an uninstall.

  Condom 20:30 16 May 2011

My second install went as smooth as the first but I think I got a more up to date installation as it did some things differently. This time it saw MSE working and asked to uninstall it which I did do. I was not asked this during the first installation. First full scan for new installation now in process.

  Jameslayer 20:57 16 May 2011

It took me a while to find the history under the performance tab. Would prefer it if the tab was relabelled.

More my lack of tech savy know. It says rift has used 100% of at least one cpu. Is that refering to one core or all of them.

One the postive it found several trojans that mse had missed. It doesnt seem to hamper performance and seems to be low maintance.

  bluesbrother 00:18 17 May 2011

Like gardener, I miss the 'ask' option when using 'custom internet access for individual programs', apart from that I'm finding it hard to fault.

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