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Mini tool system backup - beta test

  Forum Editor 12:42 26 Mar 2017

Welcome to those of you who have volunteered to test this software.

Please click on this link to download the software. You will need to enter your email address to receive the download.

Once you have the download installed, please post in this thread and confirm. In your post, please mention which version of Windows you are running.

At the same time, send an email to me at: - [email protected] and tell me which email address you provided. This is so the software company can identify PCAdvisor members when it sends out your free software key. Please put 'Minitools beta test' in the subject line of your email.

Once everyone is confirmed as up and running, I'll open a new thread, and we can proceed.

  bumpkin 11:51 27 Mar 2017

Up and running now, it was my broadband dropping out causing the problem.

  Ventad 11:56 27 Mar 2017

Up and running, a bit busy to do it Sunday.

  Forum Editor 22:19 27 Mar 2017

Thanks everyone.

Did anyone experience any problems with the download/installation?

Has everyone emailed me with details of the email address they provided for the download?

  Aitchbee 22:29 27 Mar 2017

Can I try it out on more than one computer?

  Forum Editor 16:16 28 Mar 2017


Yes, if you want to, but you'll only get one licence.

  Forum Editor 16:20 28 Mar 2017

I have been in touch with the software company about the 31 March expiry date. I've told them that this is too soon. Until they respond, I am hesitant about starting my second thread, so please bear with me for a short time.

  beeuuem~2 17:30 29 Mar 2017

Having downloaded the program it installed without any problems

An image of a system partition was created within Windows. The selection of a backup drive appears to be random. The first time the program was opened and a backup initiated partition F was automatically given as the default. Repeating the operation drive S was automatically chosen as the default.

The program does recognise partitions with operating systems and does give the option to only backup one partition if, as in my case there is more than one partition with an OS. I have WP, W7 and W10. Backing up only one partition would be a monumental error as is explained below.

On creating a backup, the option is given to name the backup file. However each backup is created in a folder named My Backup 1, MyBackup2 etc.
It is possible to explore and mount backup files. The problem occurs when a restore is attempted. Reasonably, a restore is not possible from within Windows. It is necessary to create bootable media or add the program to the boot menu. Unfortunately, booting using either of these options none of the images created within Windows were shown in the restore window and there is no apparent option to search for images.

Should an image be created by starting the program from the Boot Menu or bootable madia the image can be seen in the Restore options. On selecting the image to restore and navigating to the disk to which the restore is to be made, there are no obvious options to restore a single partition. A message is displayed saying that ‘All data on the selected disk will be overwritten during restoration’

I tried it - and it is. The whole disk is wiped. Thus any partitions with other OS or data on the disk is deleted and gone forever.

While this program may be useful if there is only one partition on the disk, for anyone who partitions a disk, as I do, this program is a little less than useful. With aid of Macrium Reflect all has now been restored with the loss of a few emails.

I’m not really sure what this program is intended to achieve for the personal user as there are other more intuitive, user friendly and flexible programs available.

While it is not within my area of expertise, the ability to restore remotely may be attractive to system administrators. For personal use by those not familiar with the program it is positively dangerous. An inexperienced user with a problem on the OS may opt for a restore and risk losing all the data on their computer.

Having spent a happy hour or so restoring my PC the program has now been removed !

  bumpkin 20:42 29 Mar 2017

Interesting beeuuem, I suppose that is why it is called beta testing. I shall wait for further info from FE before proceeding further.

  Ventad 08:01 30 Mar 2017

Thanks beeuuem I will wait for now, could of been a disaster.

  Smudge120 08:26 30 Mar 2017

I have tried several times to get it to work and use it. At one point I spent nearly an hour trying different settings. There didn't seem to be anything which would help me do things which I want and need. So I cannot really comment on this system.

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