intrusion protection

  mobileman1953 19:41 15 Nov 2009

with intrusion protection running in ie 8 add ons i could not log into my ebay account, internet explorer kept closing down, when i disabled intrusion protection ebay log in worked fine, has anyone else had similar problems

  mobileman1953 19:42 15 Nov 2009

title should read intrusion protectin norton 360 beta

  babybell 09:34 16 Nov 2009

With paying my credit card bill with MBNA online. Both in internet explorer and Firefox, when I go to the payment screen, the browser closes down. I thought it might have been the site, but on my works pc (not running Norton Beta) it was fine.

  sunnystaines 10:20 16 Nov 2009

ebay & gmail access the beta build 107 has a bug causing this, the problem has been fixed in the next build which should be out soon via auto liveupdates.

i have the problem too re gmail, I got the info from norton beta team.

  mobileman1953 13:08 16 Nov 2009

thanks for your replys now i know it is not my computer at fault

  tullie 16:19 16 Nov 2009

Why is this in the beta forum,or have i missed something?

  mobileman1953 17:29 16 Nov 2009

because it is a beta test of norton 360

  Forum Editor 19:11 16 Nov 2009

because you started a new thread with no reference to Norton in the title. It's better to stick to the threads I've already posted if you need help with the beta software.

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