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  Forum Editor 13:23 08 Nov 2009

Now that some of you have had time to try creating your own presentation you'll have discovered gaps in the functionality - things you wish were there, but aren't.

We've been asked to make suggestions about what kind of function and option additions you might like to see in the finished version. I doubt that the developers will include everything, but they have indicated that they'll be very interested in having your suggestions, so....

What's on your wish-list?

  johndrew 13:40 08 Nov 2009

My short wish list:

Loading time should be quicker.

For a relatively simple piece of software it is extremely large on disk - this may affect loading time - it really could do with being more compact.

The Toolbar and tools layout could be improved both in location of some elements (text and General Information) and in quantity and personalisation for the existing tools - I mentioned a `redo` button earlier.

Double clicking of files is a fairly common way of opening them - this would be an improvement for loading in-work or in-use presentations.

Whether it is my copy of the software or not I`m unsure, but the import facility for .img, .doc and other similar files could do with enhancing. There are many different text, image and video file formats and it would be nice to be able to import as many as possible.

The process is relatively simple as is the software. If it is designed to compete with existing packages it needs to be more polished than at the moment. I understand it is a beta but I have found it to be a little like some freeware released on the internet.

  I am Spartacus 13:41 08 Nov 2009

That all the options available are also shown under menus. While I find that shortcut icons, toolbars, floating tool options, tool tips etc. useful I would like to be able to be sure that if I can't find it on those at least I'll be able to track it down in a menu.

I've been using various PC software since the early 90's and I don't mind either the Microsoft Ribbon or the old style menu options so there is ingrained habit with me. With any new software I generally go to the menus and look at every option available. I might not understand it but together with a help file I can generally track down the option for what I want to do. Having options scattered around with no consistency to the look and feel is unintuitive to me.

I accept I am probably 'old fashioned' with this attitude.

  Pine Man 13:49 08 Nov 2009

On the basis that eventually you will be able to import documents, images don't disappear and the 'save' command is sorted out, the only major (in my opinion) thing missing is the ability to import sound.

  IClaudio 13:50 08 Nov 2009

WISH: a Style Palette would be good, so that one could Define a style and recreate that across a presentation (I know that you can Duplicate a slide...)

[Posted this in the other thread at 12:24... sorry for jumping the gun!]

- More Fonts

- Redo option, as johndrew mentions

- Redesign of icons and their layout (as in order)

- More flexible text-on-picture (I still haven't actually found out how to do this, apart from v. inflexible Headers/Footers

  Forum Editor 13:51 08 Nov 2009

I agree with you about the 'polishing', and I understand that the developers do, too. They're planning to use the feedback from this beta test for that purpose.

It might be worth pointing out that at the moment we're the first group to undertake this test, so things are probably at a fairly early stage as far as polishing is concerned.

  Kevscar1 13:54 08 Nov 2009

1 Text Although you can centre horizontally you need to be able centre vertically.

2 It is a pain to import pictures singly, most programs I have you can either import the complete folder or shift click to import multiple pictures.

  I am Spartacus 14:00 08 Nov 2009

'Sorry, but I don't think they could do anything to make this attractive to me.'

I wish I'd said that.

  rowdy 14:13 08 Nov 2009

It is very difficult to make recommendations when we do not know for whom the software is aimed .
To to be helpful comments must be in context.
If it is competing in the buisness market with PowerPoint , very obviously not going to suceed ,at the prices you quoted in the invitation to beta test.It is just not up to the standard required.
I can see that it may have a use in window and store displays or even websites but that market is well catered for already.
It is simple,fairly east to use but for what?


  bazb 14:15 08 Nov 2009

Drag and drop images directy to the slide, instead of having to go through the Image Library.

Same as Kevscar in 2 above

Double click to add the slide to the time line.

For the time line to always show the last slide added and not vanish off the page.

Redo option

  interzone55 14:29 08 Nov 2009

It would be nice if you could import a whole folder of images into the library, or even better, simply bypass the library and insert images from any folder into a slide.

More fonts would be good - I've got over a hundred fonts on my PC, why only half a dozen or so in this program - this is the type of limitation found in the online word processors etc, it shouldn't be the case with a program running locally on a PC.

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