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  Forum Editor 00:47 08 Nov 2009

Now that we have plenty of download information we'll move forward.

Could you set about creating a presentation, and feed back on how easy (or otherwise) it was to configure slides, add text/image/video content, and add new slides.

Please don't worry too much at this stage about the complexities of the various options - we'll come to that soon; what we need to know first of all is whether you found it straightforward to move from a blank canvas to a finished presentation with multiple slides.

  MAJ 01:55 08 Nov 2009

I've just tried to make the simplest of all presentations, a basic four slide 'slideshow', consisting of four full (no headers, footers, etc.) images, one image for each slide. The images are 1MB jpegs, imported to the image library using the import icon located on the right of the main screen. The building of the presentation was easy and straightforward, but when I tried to preview it using the dropdown Preview menu, the pictures did not appear in the 'slideshow', although the number of each slide did advance when clicked.
I returned to the main screen and thought to save the presentation first before trying a preview again. As it stands, I have had this screen click here for the past 30 minutes and counting.

Also, the Import option from the File menu will not let me import images, only imp files, maybe that's by design, seems strange though if it is.

  cycoze 01:55 08 Nov 2009

Basic layout was easy to understand, very simple to create a new presentation.

Selecting headers and footers easy, as was the Theme selector.

Adding header text was annoying at larger font sizes as the box stays the same size and cuts the font out.

Adding new slides very easy, as was selecting transitions and timings.

Adding Images and video easy, as was importing them, annoying that only flash video can be added.

Time line function easy to drag slides around for rearrangement.

So all in all very easy to "move from a blank canvas to a finished presentation with multiple slides".

I have a small list of annoyances with it and a couple of things that would like to see changed but will wait until we have a thread for them.

  mobileman1953 08:05 08 Nov 2009

could not make even a basic slide show, new to this kind of product but i will keep trying

  Quickbeam 08:13 08 Nov 2009

It's quite easy to set up and add titles, words and pictures from the picture library supplied. I largely agree with cycoze's findings above.

But then I decided to import some of my own pictures and I can't see a way to resize them. I'm only seeing a small area that I can move around for the best crop, but I can't see how to have a full image view.

  Quickbeam 08:29 08 Nov 2009

I've just spotted the 'Image Scaling' slider... after about half an hour it dawned on me that it was there. It's not obvious there is a resizer until you know it's there.

  jjss 08:50 08 Nov 2009

Having built a simple presentation of five slides here is what I found.

On my first attempt I tried to add a text box onto a picture, this being my title slide. After several attempts and exploring several different ways I found the only way of achieving pictures and text was to change the slide template to a two box type so that one would allow a picture and one box for text.

Adding a new slide was straight forward after using my mouse to hover over different places to see what happens.

I’ve imported my own pictures as well as use the ones supplied within IMP. From my first posting yesterday I’ve now found how to make imported pictures fit the box. (It was a case of looking a bit harder at the various tools on the right of the screen!)

I tried different transitions and builds for my presentations but wasn’t too impressed when it came to checking out how things were in the slide presentation preview. Either things didn’t happen or as in the case of one attempt, the whole show froze on the first slide and even then not showing the whole slide, just the picture box. When I removed all the various builds and transitions the slides did change on the click of the mouse.

Overall I found the simpler I kept things the better the program seem to cope.

The IMP start up times from desktop icon to being able to work are very slow to the point that several times I've clicked again only to have two IMP's running.

I’m working on a 12 month old Toshiba A300 running Win 7 with 2GB RAM.

  jjss 08:58 08 Nov 2009

PS... I've found that double clicking and right hand mouse button menu's aren't possible which is a little annoying, mybe that's just me.

  Ventad 09:11 08 Nov 2009

Mine was the same as MAJ the first two times the system locked up after 4 photos so I had to Close down and start again the third time I got 7 photos on noticed that of my 2GB RAM it was using 1.6GB which brought the RAM upto 93% usage.

I saved the Photo show and closed down, reopened after 15 mins and the show started but no pictures were being shown but the pages were changing every 10 secs (numbers on the corner of the page).

Will try again today.

  Quickbeam 09:12 08 Nov 2009

"I've found that double clicking and right hand mouse button menu's aren't possible"
That's what I found when I was looking for how to resize the imported pictures, the usual right click menus and corner dragging isn't there. I'm not the only one that didn't at first see the solution.

I also notice that when you close the program, imported pictures are no longer there on reopening, so to do a complex slide show in more than one sitting, it looks like I'd have to pull all the potential slides into a working folder for quick selection.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:16 08 Nov 2009

I thought I would try a simple slide show first of all. Nothing too ambitious so I used the sample pics provided. I managed to get the first pic inserted ok, along with a randomly selected transition. The second went in ok, but problems arose on the third(more on this later). it seems to have been selected ok, so I saved it and decided to have a look at that point. I felt there could really have been a play button for this option rather than a selection from a menu.

Although there are lots of pretty buttons, some of the icons used are not -to me- intuitively obvious except with hindsight. An example would be the play video clips. Yes, its a play symbol from a media application or piece of hardware, but a pic of a movie camera (as opposed to a still camera) would have been more appropriate in this context, especially as the same play symbol is used to apply a (video) process as well.

Once I played the slideshow, 1 & 2

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