IMP beta - and finally.........

  Forum Editor 17:33 09 Nov 2009

Mixed reactions to the software, and plenty of good feedback - many thanks to all concerned. We're going to wrap up the formal part of the testing process now, but feel free to carry on posting to the three other threads if you wish.

Some people got started later than others, and of course not everyone has the same amount of time to spare for these testing sessions, so take your time, and mention anything that comes to mind - the IMP developers will continue to monitor the threads.

When IMP eventually launches you will all receive a download link to a fully registered copy of the software. That won't happen until early next year, but we won't forget.

See you in the next testing routine - whatever and whenever that might be.

  mobileman1953 18:06 09 Nov 2009

thanks for the chance to test the software

  Quickbeam 18:53 09 Nov 2009

It was very interesting, and I think a lot of the vented frustration was down to the missing slide bug, which had me thinking that there was something I was doing wrong.

  Pine Man 19:01 09 Nov 2009

.. they got something right!

It uninstalls perfectly without a trace left anywhere including the registry.

  jjss 19:22 09 Nov 2009

Its been my first beta testing of anything in the way of software, while its been frustrating at times, its been fun. Thanks for the "ride".

I wouldn't mind helping out if IMP need further testing prior to RC.

Its given me a little confidence in offering my testing services in the future.

Thanks for the Uninstall info Pine Man, that will save a Image Backup restore.

  sunnystaines 19:24 09 Nov 2009

thanks quiet enjoy playing around with new software

  Pine Man 19:27 09 Nov 2009 above.

Of course you will have to delete the IMP folders provided for your work in 'my documents'.

  Mark5001 19:47 09 Nov 2009

This could be good little programme when all the bugs are ironed out. I hope for one that the developers take on board some of the excellent suggestions posted by the testers. It was enjoyable to do my first beta test in over 10 years.

  bazb 20:21 09 Nov 2009

Thanks Peter it didn't hurt at all, just a little frustrating, very glad that I did the beta test.
Will certainly have another go at the next one if allowed.

Won't be removing the software just yet, going to keep on having a play with it when time allowes.

His there any time restriction on using the software?

  bjh 20:21 09 Nov 2009

Thanks for arranging this, F.E. Hope there's another soon.

My "and finally" on the program would be that, at the suggested price point, they've got a hell of a task on their hands... but I do wish them well, and will certainly be looking forward to trying the final version out. It's been a blast - and good to see some new names amongst the old 'uns!

  Forum Editor 22:50 09 Nov 2009

I'm told that there's no time restriction. In fact the developers have told me there will be a further beta available for download in the not too distant future if anyone is interested. Just let me know, and I'll ask them to contact me when it's ready.

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