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  johndrew 10:15 07 Nov 2009

Have attempted installation IAW with e-mail instruction. Adobe AIR appears to load successfully but the application reaches mid point and provides the message that Adobe AIR has a broken file and a new copy is necessary. Repeating the operation several times has not improved the situation.

Anyone else have this?

Suggestions please?

  Condom 10:28 07 Nov 2009

Sorry johndrew my installation went OK. I was surprised at the length of time it took to download, even at midnight when my speeds are very good, so it must be a fairly big download and it didn't look to be zipped.

Maybe there will be some ideas to help you when we get to the nitty gritty later today.

  anthonystorey 10:39 07 Nov 2009

to download and install locked my pc up midway(no message about a broken file ), so 2nd attempt i shutdown my firewall and av and it installed o.k, but i dont know if this was a coincidence or not.

  babybell 10:45 07 Nov 2009

Installed ok, and even installed an update straight after.

Have found what I believe to be an issue already though, but i'll wait till the testing Forum starts properly.

  Pine Man 10:51 07 Nov 2009

No problems but very slow to download and install.

Looks very intuitive.

  johndrew 11:36 07 Nov 2009

Problem resolved.

I ran Ccleaner to dump all the Temp files and tried again. As mentioned above it did take quite some time to download and install but then the files are around 135 MB to download.

I agree the interface looks good. I shall now have a bit of a play!!

  anskyber 11:38 07 Nov 2009

Slow install/download but working fine here on W7.

  Miké 12:28 07 Nov 2009

Yes installed fine here on my laptop, under both Vista 32bit and windows 7 64bit.

  jjss 12:37 07 Nov 2009

I downloaded about 8am this morning. I had no problems downloading and installing although I’ve not seen any updates as mentioned in another post.
I’ve come across a few problems (the fun of beta).
I tried to change setting for presentation. When you select the “Tool Box” icon to change the theme, you have no way out of the Theme Selector without selecting another theme or the same one. It would also be nice to be able to import background pics to make your own theme.
I also tried to find a way of importing a picture onto a slide where the imported picture kept its full portions, ie, it scaled to fix into the allotted area. Has anyone found a way to format pictures yet?

  IClaudio 12:41 07 Nov 2009

No probs with the download here.

The Update was to Adobe Air, I think.

  Brumas 12:47 07 Nov 2009

Downloaded successfully on my iMac - no problems, busy now, shall look at it later today.

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