Final summing up

  Forum Editor 17:36 13 Jan 2009

We're approaching the end of our planned testing schedule, and we'll bring things to a close fairly soon - probably late on Wednesday evening (14th January) or Thursday.

It would be very helpful if you could each make a single post, summing up your overall impression of the beta software you've been testing. By now you should have a pretty good idea about how you feel with regard to this version of Norton 360 - are you looking forward to your free one year licence, or will you be resuming the use of whatever security software you were using before you started the test?

Please tell it as it is - the idea of this test (apart from providing you with what we hope has been an interesting experience) is to provide Symantec with some quality feedback on their new product.

  Falkyrn 16:09 23 Jan 2009

Sadly, even with the updated beta Firefox is still extremely unstable - a good session means it only crashes once. (Vista Home Premium).

That aside, I still believe that the 59.95 price point is a potential sales stumbling block for Symantec although the actual retail price could be lower.

  Strawballs 22:55 23 Jan 2009

My trial never got off the starting blocks because the machine that I was using had a major conflict somewhere as once installed I could do nothing until I uninstalled it in safe mode but that was on a 4yr old laptop.

But on reading all of the good reviews about not being a resource hog any more I would seriously consider using it on my new laptop when the free subscription of McAfee that came with it runs out.

  grangehearts 19:00 30 Jan 2009

Well I can't say that I can attribute many problems to 360. This version didn't fall over with windows updates like the original one did for me, leading to me giving it to my son. Firefox latest build is flaky anyway, so can't blame 360 for problems. My one annoyance was it's telling me about viruses in Daz3d files I was downloading from Daz (They don't contain viruses), but clearing some files I had sitting for ages as alleged viruses, without telling me, and my registry's sudden inability to retain keys I input for new software, I have two programmes I have installed since 360 that both require me to input the registration key everytime. I'll see if there's a difference after my beta subscription runs out.

  perpetual motion 22:09 30 Jan 2009

Any News on the Anti Virus MR FE..?

  Forum Editor 23:07 30 Jan 2009


  bjh 12:12 05 Feb 2009

When I uninstalled Norton, I installed a six month "Freebie" version of Trend Micro Internet Security 2009from ... another magazine - gasp, horror.

Since then, I have had to reinstall the firewall twice, had a noticeable slowdown of the system, much slower scans, and a horrible, horrible AV interface. ALL criticism of Norton interface is removed at once (although I still find the colour scheme revolting).

I'd buy Norton 360 at that rate!!!

  Falkyrn 18:39 09 Feb 2009

Having removed the Beta from my system I reinstalled my normal security packages ... ZA Pro and Avira Anti Virus. I then ran my system for several days with Firefox behaving impeccably. Today I downloaded and installed the 3rd version of the Beta.

Minor problem no 1 ..... N360 failed to recognise that Avira AV was already installed.

No 2 .... N360 reported that one of its drivers was missing ..... clicking on OK in the options box did nothing while clicking on cancel forced it to continue and install the Beta.

No 3. ... Firefox crashed within 5 minutes.

  sunnystaines 10:47 10 Feb 2009

you need to delete your AV and 3rd party firewalls before installing 360 otherwise you will gets loads of hassle as they will clash.

  Falkyrn 17:21 10 Feb 2009

Normally I do but I did this as a deliberate test for the N360 beta3 - and it partially failed while previous versions did not.

It (N360 Beta 3) recognised that ZA pro was there and running and advised its removal but it totally failed to detect Avira as an AV program and set about its own installation.

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