Final summing up

  Forum Editor 17:36 13 Jan 2009

We're approaching the end of our planned testing schedule, and we'll bring things to a close fairly soon - probably late on Wednesday evening (14th January) or Thursday.

It would be very helpful if you could each make a single post, summing up your overall impression of the beta software you've been testing. By now you should have a pretty good idea about how you feel with regard to this version of Norton 360 - are you looking forward to your free one year licence, or will you be resuming the use of whatever security software you were using before you started the test?

Please tell it as it is - the idea of this test (apart from providing you with what we hope has been an interesting experience) is to provide Symantec with some quality feedback on their new product.

  I am Spartacus 18:03 13 Jan 2009

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the lack of impact on system performance. At no time did I think that things were sluggish and it was down to Norton. I haven’t noticed it was there.

I’ve experienced a couple of minor annoyances which I’ve mentioned in the appropriate threads but providing the main one was fixed I would be happy to continue using it for the subscription period. I’m not fully used to the interface yet but would get to know it sufficiently to be able to track down any of the settings I need. I would have liked more control over when to run a particular task and have turned off a few features I’m not interested in, notably ‘backup’.

However I’ve been happy over the years with the free version of either AVG or Avast and wouldn’t pay anything close to £50 for an annual subscription, not because I don’t think it’s worth it but because the free versions meet all my needs. I use only the router and Windows firewalls and don’t feel the need for another. I’m also happy with Spybot and the occasional use of another mainstream but free anti-spyware tool. For those who insist on paying for a complete protection package then I would highly recommend it.

  Forum Editor 18:18 13 Jan 2009

The software installed very quickly (in 32bit Vista),and with no trace of a hitch. 360 appeared to settle down very well, and I started to feel that my days of being an anti-Norton person might be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately the honeymoon didn't last very long - 360 suddenly started popping up messages saying that I had encountered a problem (I wasn't aware of it), and that I was being connected to 'One click support'. I was asked if information about the problem could be passed to Symantec, and I happily consented. There followed a long period of not much happening, until at last, after about 15 minutes I was informed that the problem couldn't be resolved, and to 'try again later', or words to that effect.

To cut a long story short, I discovered that 360 was preventing any outbound mail leaving my machine via Outlook 2007, or Windows mail. I fiddled with every setting I could find, but to no avail. Meanwhile the aforementioned messages were continually popping up, always with the same result - try again later.

In the end I uninstalled the software out of sheer frustration, and carried on working normally with BitDefender keeping the barbarians from the gates.

It's a pity, because for a while there things were looking really good. I have no doubt that Symantec will sort the problem out, and when they do I'll look forward to having another go - I believe that there's a good product in the making here.

  perpetual motion 19:14 13 Jan 2009

I had my doubt's on it TBH FE, i thought oh well lets go it a go, & although we all knew it was BETA we all should of expected some blips & some of us got them, but it wasnt anything disstastefull EVEN though i had to uninstall-re-install the program & a few other issues, i think this test has given Symantec some solid idea's & advice they needed, i WILL use the free program they would be offering us all cause i was overall impressed & its put faith in me more so when they correct the issues they will have a amzingly decent program one that i would look at using on a wider scale then just a year.
Also Thankyou FE & pca for including me in all this test ..!

  BELSEY 19:45 13 Jan 2009

I am Spartacus says the programme contains elements he does not require eg backup etc but it is worth remembering that 360 is the top of the range with Norton AV and Internet Security available for those who do not want the full monty.
Following the initial issues (live update not working, couple of shutdowns and loss of broadband connectivity) the programme has run without problem. It is interesting to note other peoples problems and to consider the miriad of combinations of hard / soft / firmware that any new programme such as 360 must look to cope with.

I shall certainly retain the programme and lets see what is available in a years time. Being greedy though as I have three machines networked is the freeby a 3 PC licence like the retail version?

  justme 19:47 13 Jan 2009

I tried very hard to give Norton 360 a fair hearing but there are too many niggles for my liking.

The antivirus quick check seems to check varying numbers of files and takes a variable time to do so. This does not inspire confidence in its abilities to keep my computer virus free. The full antivirus check takes considerably longer but my worries about the quick check are transferred to the full check. Is it checking everything it should?

I tried the backup and failed on four occassions. Perhaps it was my fault for not reading the instructions carefully but as an experienced user I feel that Norton's way of working is not mine. I did not let it back up to the internet as I don't want my files going to God knows where and possibly being accessed by other people. My external hard disc was not used for these tests as I have backups from several machines on there.

It should be said that I was never a great advocat of a suite of programs as they very seldom all suit my way of working. I prefer to use dedicated programs for antivirus, malware, backup etc. The programs that I use are all free to use and have proved themselves in the past.

Norton 360 may suit some people (especially those who do not know much about computers and have no desire to learn about them) but it is most definately not for me.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:51 13 Jan 2009

For me Norton 360v3 has done exactly what a security suite should do. It has gone about it's business quietly and unobtrusively. No interruptions from the auto-updates, never used auto-update with NIS as it always slowed the system dramatically at the the most inappropriate moment.

Alerts conspicuous by their absence, just one or two in the first few hours. The shear volume of alerts, especially when updating other programmes was a real pain in the neck with Comodo, even in installation mode.

No noticeable impact on performance and doesn't slow booting as much as previous security software I have used.

After installing I ran a full scan, excluding defrag, which was reasonably quick, finding a couple of tracking cookies.

It has done it's job without me noticing it or having to think about it, which is what I want it to do.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:57 13 Jan 2009

After installing I ran a full scan, excluding defrag and back-up,

  Falkyrn 19:58 13 Jan 2009

Initial impressions were good , the program installed quickly and appeared to have little impact on system resources.

The first problem I experienced involved Thunderbird but this was solved with a few adjustments to the ports and to the firewall settings and since then there has been no email problem.

Firefox on the other hand has become extremely unstable and will crash at least once per session often (but not always) taking N360 with it. This is generally solved with a system reboot although after a couple of those N360 is extremely slow to initialise.

The interface is easy to look at but that about ends it. Attempts to find out what the program utilities actually do require a lot more delving and are far from intuitive.

My firewall of choice is Zonealarm Pro and possibly because I have worked with it for a number of years I find it far more informative.

The suite of utilities within the program give it the potential to be a very useful tool but there is still a lot of work to be done.

I have no problem paying a reasonable price for a decent product but Symantec must take into consideration the price point at which this program is launched as it will be critical for its success given that rival products e.g. Kaspersky while supplying many of the same utilities comes in around the £25 mark.

As a previously confirmed "Anti" Norton product user I would not dismiss this product completely out of hand. It has potential - there are still minor traces of the old Norton knows best attitude but it is a vast improvement.

  ajm 20:16 13 Jan 2009

Installed fine and fast - very impressed.

Problems with Java and streaming - not very impressed.

Problems with sending / receiving email using Outlook 2007 - very frustrating. I thought there would be a settings somewhere that needed changing, ticking or making a small ammednment that would resolve the issue. But nothing would solve it.

If these issues can be resolved by the time they release the final version, I will consider purchasing it.

  sunnystaines 20:20 13 Jan 2009

if you continue renewing beta from norton site the version number is shown under "help&support" - "about" present version is

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