EaseUS Todo Backup 9.0 - Installation

  Forum Editor 15:15 21 Feb 2016

Welcome to those of you who are evaluating this software. You have been sent a download link, and a unique software key.

Please download the software and install it, then let us know how it went - were there any problems with the download or installation?

Please do not comment on any other aspect of the software here - there will be another thread as soon as everyone has responded.

  QuizMan 12:27 22 Feb 2016

Do we really need this code? If we just click on "Later" we have a 31 day trial version that appears to be fully functioning.

  Forum Editor 15:21 22 Feb 2016

Everyone should now have a new installation key - with apologies from me, and from the software company.

  Ventad 16:07 22 Feb 2016

New key works, now making WinPE ISO (emergency disk as required to get the full program)

  martd7 16:58 22 Feb 2016


Not had new key

  Aitchbee 18:23 22 Feb 2016

I have succesfully downloaded the software [after 3 attempts] and installed and activated it on one XP home computer.

I was disappointed that the activation key only works for one computer as I would have installed it on my W7 machine as well but the same key doesn't work unfortunately.

My other backup software, -Ocster- allows for 5 computers with same key.

  TopCat® 21:21 22 Feb 2016

All up and running now on my pc. I'm quite impressed with the modern, clean design and friendliness of the software. To help me when or if I get any problems, I've placed their help pages in My Favourites.

Thank you, FE, for sorting out the registration key problems. TC.

  martd7 11:17 23 Feb 2016

Thanks for new code FE

Downloaded and installed easily,but had to try 3 times to verify the code kept getting "cannot connect to server",eventually it was verified,and I made the emergency disc as requested

  martd7 13:24 23 Feb 2016

Well I thought I had I put the disc in there was a progress bar which filled up and I assumed it had written the disk,only when I came out of Easus did I realise the iso file was on desktop waiting to be written!!

Serves me right for not reading the instructions properly

  bumpkin 15:53 23 Feb 2016

mart7, I did the same:-)

  Forum Editor 23:41 23 Feb 2016

"Please do not comment on any other aspect of the software here - there will be another thread as soon as everyone has responded."

It will help if you could take note of that - I am about to start a new thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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