EaseUS Todo Backup 9.0 - Installation

  Forum Editor 15:15 21 Feb 2016

Welcome to those of you who are evaluating this software. You have been sent a download link, and a unique software key.

Please download the software and install it, then let us know how it went - were there any problems with the download or installation?

Please do not comment on any other aspect of the software here - there will be another thread as soon as everyone has responded.

  bumpkin 15:48 21 Feb 2016

It says "License Key Invalid". I tried typing it and also copy and paste from you Email.

  TopCat® 15:56 21 Feb 2016

I too get the same response as bumpkin did

  martd7 16:11 21 Feb 2016

Me as well license key invalid

  Ventad 16:17 21 Feb 2016

Same as above - License key Invalid

  Forum Editor 16:28 21 Feb 2016

Quite obviously, the software company has given me invalid keys - not an auspicious start! I have emailed them, and will probably get a response tomorrow.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

  Ventad 17:05 21 Feb 2016

Apart from the 'key' problem the download and installation went very smoothly no problem at all.

  QuizMan 20:03 21 Feb 2016

Same here, but it installed OK. It recognised my previous version of the software, uninstalled it before installing v9. And the best bit is that my previous backups and still recognised. A promising start apart from the key.

  bumpkin 22:23 21 Feb 2016

If we are required to test this and give our opinions, it does not inspire a great deal of confidence when it takes so long to get the key in the first place and then it does not work. Let us hope that the software is more reliable.

  Bailifei 02:45 22 Feb 2016

Can I still join the test? Have been using the free edition, would like to try the Home.

  bumpkin 11:05 22 Feb 2016

Bailiei, click here

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